• C. Mackenzie Brown spent his academic career of 45 years at Trinity, joining an all-male Department in 1973 He was the first hire in the Department not a Presbyterian minister. His appointment as Assistant Professor of Asian Religions completed the vision of Guy H. Ranson, Chair of the Department, for a comprehensive Religion department, moving away from a Christian, Bible-focused curriculum. 

    Brown served as chair of the Religion Department (1997-2005), chair of the Faculty Senate (2003-2006), member of the Animal Research Committee (1989-2017), and Faculty Adviser to the Honor Council (2011-2014).

    His favorite class was Science Fiction, a First-Year Experience co-taught with Heather Sullivan.

    His most meaningful classes were Death & Beyond, and Rape in India, the U.S., & Trinity.

    • Harvard University (Ph.D., History of Religions/Hinduism)
    • Stanford University (B.A. History) 
    • God as Mother
    • Triumph of the Goddess
    • The Devi Gita--The Song of the Goddess
    • Hindu Perspectives on Evolution: Darwin, Dharma, and Design
    • Darwinism in Asian Religious Perspectives (edited book, forthcoming)
    • Hindu medieval goddess myths and rituals
    • Puranic studies
    • Religion and Science
    • Evolution and Asian responses
    • Asian Religions
    • Hindu Tradition
    • Buddhist Tradition
    • Death and Beyond
    • Mysticism
    • Religion and Science-West
    • Religion and Science-Asia
    • Rape in India-America-Trinity
    • Science Fiction
    • Z. T. Scott Faculty Fellowship Award, Trinity University 
    • John G. Gammie Distinguished Scholar Award (Southwest Commission on Religious Studies)
    • Award for Distinguished Scholarship, Research, or Creative Work or Activity, Trinity University
    • Hospice of San Antonio
    • Battered Women's Shelter, Bexar County
    • Volunteer for Texas Parks and Wildlife Department