The Biomathematics minor is an interdisciplinary program designed primarily for students majoring in math or biology who are interested in the expanding field of mathematical modeling of biological phenomena.

Requirements for the minor

I. The Core (21 hours) 
Course ID Course Title
BIOL-1311  Integrative Biology I 
BIOL-1111  Introductory Biology Laboratory 
BIOL-2312  Cells and Cell Systems
BIOL-2112 Cell Systems Laboratory
BIOL-3413  Genes, Phenotypes, and Evolutionary Dynamics 
MATH-1311 Calculus I
MATH-1320 Statistical Methods
MATH-2308 Introduction to Analytical Models
II. Advanced Interdisciplinary Study (7 hours) 

Complete one of the following pairs of courses. The BIOL course should be taken first for either option, as the MATH course will build on the knowledge from the BIOL course. The two MATH courses are offered alternate years, so students should check with the MATH department to
ensure they can complete their desired option.

Ecology option 

Course ID Course Title
BIOL-3434  Ecology 
MATH-3328 Mathematical models in Life Sciences


Genetics option 

Course ID Course ID
BIOL-3450 Genetics 
MATH-3327 Probablistic Models in Life Sciences 
III. Contemporary Topics and Research in Biomathematics (at least 2 hours) 

Complete all of the following:

Course ID Course ID
BIMA-2094 Seminar in Biomathematics I
BIMA-3190, BIMA-3290, BIMA-3390 Independent Research in Biomathematics (at least one hour)
BIMA-3194 Seminar in Biomathematics II

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