At Trinity University, we celebrate the journey and the destination.

Meet the students sharing stories from their journeys:


positive outcomes rate

98% of recent graduates had jobs or were accepted to graduate school within 6 months of graduation.

What’s the most human thing we can do?

Ask Ruby Walker '23, an art major and science lover who’s committed to live long and prosper.

Aaron Chang '24

Aaron can’t wait to take the next big step in his Trinity University journey—studying abroad in Japan. And he appreciates the personal attention he'll get from Trinity faculty while he's there.

Avery Longfield '23

Avery has found life-changing experiences everywhere at Trinity, from studying abroad in Amsterdam to being published in the Trinity Review. Now, she’s ready to apply learning to life.

Sena Saygili '23

Against tough odds, this Trinity University pre-med student never gave up on her dream. A neuroscience major with Turkish roots, Sena has always kept her unique heartbeat necklace close to remind her of home. Now, that heart has led her to medical school.


Major Milestones

Choosing a major is a major moment, and Trinity students craft academic experiences that help them make meaning in the world. Discover how these students chose their path:

Ethan Brown '25

What's the difference between music composition and cooking? For Ethan, not a lot.

Allison Waters '25

Making decisions and making change: They're both in the book for Allison, an economics and business double major.

Andrew Phillips '25

Andrew, a geosciences and theater double major, doesn't know "where else [he] would ever be able to do that besides Trinity."

Blaine Martin '25

Blaine's background as a first-gen student drove the passion behind his political science and international studies double major.

Take our word(s) for it...

At Trinity University, we celebrate every milestone on the student journey.

From exploring multiple disciplines to declaring a major, from crossing the pond to crossing the stage, Trinity students develop as learners and listeners, ready to lead discovery, lead change, lead each other, and lead themselves.

How do we reach our outcomes?

Supporting students every step of the way.

A Trinity University education is defined by the numerous resources available to ensure student growth and success, including...


Academic Advising

Student-centered, holistic, and developmental advising to foster creativity, discovery, curiosity, and radical openness for all students.

Academic Advising


Academic Support

Robust academic coaching and tutoring as well as accessibility services to help students develop lifelong skills for learning and tackling challenges.

Academic Support

Accessibility Services


Center for Experiential Learning and Career Success

Equipping students for meaningful and enriching professional lives through experiential learning, internships, career planning, and graduate school planning.



Center for International Engagement

Broadening students’ global involvement and honing intellectual, cultural, and professional skills through study abroad, international internships, and other multicultural opportunities.