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About Us

Have you ever felt like life was just too hard? Worried that you can’t take the pressure, stress, and anxiety anymore? Needed someone unbiased to talk with who offers a compassionate listening ear?

Our goal-focused and confidential counseling services fulfill our mission to support the educational and personal success of Trinity students who face developmental, interpersonal, or psychological challenges.


We can help. Seek services based on common concerns.

Mental Health

Do you feel depressed, have anxiety or panic attacks?

  Individual Counseling
 Support / Discussion Groups
 Off-Campus Referrals
 Anonymous Mental Health Screening


Crisis Support

If you or someone else is in crisis, there are campus options available.

Get help now


Developmental Concerns

Need help adjusting to college, clarifying your identity, or preparing for life after Trinity?

  Individual Counseling
  Support / Discussion Groups


Personal Concerns

Improve your self-esteem, reduce anger, guilt, or cope with stress or loss.

  Individual Counseling



Interpersonal Concerns

Make more meaningful relationships, reduce or cope with conflicts, clarify sexual values.

  Individual Counseling
  Couples Counseling


Cultural Concerns

Cope with or respond to experiences of oppression, clarify cultural identity/ies.

 Individual Counseling
 Support / Discussion Groups


Academic Concerns

Reduce academic stress or debilitating perfectionism.

  Individual Counseling


Substance Use Concerns

Reduce substance use to reduce or eliminate negative consequences.

  Individual Counseling

Committed to Diversity

We are committed to providing high-quality, culturally sensitive services. We affirm the wide diversity of our clientele, which includes students of color, international students, students of all genders (binary and nonbinary), LGBTQ+ students, and students from all socio-economic backgrounds and with varying religious/spiritual beliefs.

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