About the Service


 Who can use: If you are a friend, professor, staff member, or family member who is concerned about the well-being of a Trinity student

 Confidentiality: The consulting counselor will ask whether the information the concerned person discloses is “off the record” (not disclosable to the student even if they become a client) or “on the record.” In either case the counselor will record a summary of the consultation in our electronic record-keeping system to which only we have access.

Schedule an appointment

Consultations are typically by phone


  High-Level Concern

Call TUPD Immediately

If the person is at risk for being suicidal or violent: immediately call the Trinity University Police Department (TUPD) for assistance (210-999-7000). TUPD will respond and contact Trinity's on-call counselor or Emergency Medical Services, if needed.


  Moderate-Level Concern

If the student appears to be in distress, but not potentially suicidal or violent: 

  • Option 1: Follow the Process of Helping Guide
  • Option 2: Encourage the student to see a counselor in our office
  • Option 3: Arrange a wellness check through additional campus resources
  • Option 4: Seek consultation / advice from a counselor outside of Trinity.


What to Expect

In respect for student autonomy, Counseling Services does not initiate contact with a student of concern. A student must arrange their own meeting with a counselor; another person cannot schedule an appointment for another student.

If we have previously seen the student, the counselor cannot provide information to you unless the student has previously provided consent to do so. Any counselor who subsequently sees the student will know the reasons for your concern.