About the Service

About five percent of students request assessment, support, or treatment that requires an expertise or intensity that exceeds our capacity. Sometimes it becomes apparent after several sessions that a client needs more intensive treatment or a treatment method we cannot provide. Students and parents can also request recommendations for off-campus therapists and counselors.

We provide a referral service, providing one or more options for providers who can meet the student’s needs and (whenever possible) is in the student’s insurance network.

 Who can use: Enrolled Trinity students, parents

 Confidentiality: This is a confidential service for students

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We typically meet with the student in person. Consultations with parents are ordinarily by email or phone.

Example Referral Scenarios

Weekly/Ongoing Appointments

Mental health conditions requiring specialized or long-term treatment

ADHD: Assessment and treatment of ADHD (we can screen for ADHD, but not diagnose)

Documentation for Accommodation: Documentation to support receiving accommodations, including an emotional support animal