Academic Calendar 2020-2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a complete rethinking of the 2020-2021 academic calendar. Most notably, the primary move-in date for new students has been moved up one week to Aug. 14, 2020

The fall semester adjustments are meant to leverage the First-Year Experience course for a fully immersive experience for new students while limiting the amount of virus exposure from travel during Thanksgiving break. While the calendar has been significantly amended, students will receive the same number of days of instruction.

Other notable changes include hosting classes on Labor Day (Sept. 7) and a one-day class recess (Oct. 9). The last day of in-person instruction is on Nov. 20, and there will be a week-long Thanksgiving break before beginning virtual instruction on Nov. 30.

Fall Semester 2020

Event Date
New Student Registration Mid July–Aug 24-25
New Students Arrive Aug 14
Faculty Orientation Aug 17-21
FYE instruction begins Aug 18
Classes Begin Aug 25
Add/Drop Begins Aug 25
Add/Drop Ends Sep 2
Last Day Opt Pass/Fail Sep 30
Class Recess Oct 9
Mid-Term Grades Due Oct 20
Pre-Registration* Nov 9-24
Last Day UG Withdraw Nov 13
Last Day of In-Person Classes and FYE** Nov 20
Thanksgiving Holidays Nov 23-27
Virtual Instruction Begins Nov 30
Reading Days Dec 9-10
Final Exams (Online Only) Dec 11-17
Graduating SR Grades Due (Noon) Dec 17
Commencement Dec 19***
All Grades Due (5 p.m.) Dec 21


Spring Semester 2021

Event Date
MLK Holiday Jan 18
New Student Registration Jan 19
Continuing Student Registration Jan 20
Add/Drop Begins Jan 20
Spring Student Orientation Jan 22
Classes Begin Jan 25
Add/Drop Ends Feb 5
Classes Cancelled Feb 15
Classes Cancelled Feb 23
Last Day Opt Pass/Fail Feb 24
Spring Break Cancelled
Possible Online Instruction Mar 15-26 (mid-Feb decision)
Virtual Spring Family Showcase Mar 26-28
Mid-Term Grades Due Mar 28
Good Friday Holiday Apr 2
Classes Cancelled Apr 7
Pre-Registration* Apr 12-27
Classes Cancelled Apr 15
Last Day UG Withdrawal Apr 16
Classes Cancelled Apr 23
Reading Days May 10-11
Final Exams May 12-18
Graduating SR Grades Due (Noon) May 20
Commencement May 22
All Grades Due (5 p.m.) May 24


*Class Schedule available for advising approximately two weeks prior to Pre-Registration
**All FYE coursework (including final exams) completed by Nov. 20
***In-person or virtual commencement, based on public health guidelines 
Summer undergraduate academic calendar is forthcoming