• COVID-19 Update

    Due to COVID-19, academic coaching sessions, workshops, and programming will be conducted via Zoom. For further questions about our services during the pandemic, please contact us.

Study smarter, not harder

Academic Support provides quality academic programs and student-centric services to enhance student learning, academic success, and personal development through one-on-one academic coaching, study skills workshops, specialized tutoring, and ongoing support.

Academic Coaching

Academic coaching is a personalized, one-on-one meeting with a trained academic coach who can help students improve skills and performance.

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Workshops and Support

Academic Support offers all students instruction to enhance academic performance and support faculty inside of the classroom.

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On-Campus Resources

Visit the Tiger Learning Commons or take advantage of additional campus specialized resources to further enhance your academic skills.

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Academic Support’s objective is to empower students to:
  • become creative, independent learners and problem solvers
  • hone their academic skills through learning effective information processing, test-taking, and related techniques
  • better manage their time and set effective priorities
  • and, most importantly, to take charge of their success and thrive at Trinity University!

    Propelling Programs

    Encouraging students to start strong, Trinity’s summer bridge programs prepare incoming first-year Tigers for academic success in their first semester and beyond.

    football player, number 4, stiff arms opponent while carrying ball

    Academic Success Program

    Designed for first-year football students, student-athletes arrive more than a week before the beginning of Football Camp to prepare for their first semester at Trinity.

    Academic Success Program

    two students walk next to a bridge between two residence halls

    Summer Bridge FYE

    Designed specifically to welcome those from first-generation and historically underrepresented populations, the Summer Bridge First Year Experience (FYE) facilitates the transition to Trinity and college-level coursework.

    Summer Bridge FYE

    Two trinity students brainstorming on a whiteboard

    Summer Bridge Math

    Through a two-week session before New Student Orientation and weekly support discussions early in the fall semester, participating students have the opportunity to develop mathematics and quantitative reasoning skills for early success in their STEM coursework.

    Summer Bridge Math