The Supplemental One-on-one Peer Tutoring service is for all students who need additional assistance for a course beyond regular office hours and departmental tutoring options. We pair qualifying students with trained peer tutors for regular, one-on-one tutoring sessions that are tailored to their needs and help them to get on track to pass.


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This service is available for many of the courses that the University offers, depending on tutor availability. To be eligible to work with a supplemental peer tutor, you should:

  1. Already be using existing resources (i.e., instructor office hours, drop-in course-based tutors)
  2. Be at risk of earning a C or below in the course

Since this service is for students who are already visiting instructor and/or peer tutors office hours (with the expectation that they will continue to do so), if you have not taken advantage of these existing resources, we will first refer you back to them before matching you with a tutor.

Note: This service is not for students in the First-Year Experience. Students in the First-Year Experience course should contact their instructor or course peer tutor for individual assistance.

Get Started


  1. Fill out the eligibility form.
    To apply, please complete the eligibility form here.  After we receive your form, we will contact your instructor to confirm the information provided.

  2. Match with a tutor.
    If you are eligible for a supplemental peer tutor, we will pair you with one. Then, you and your tutor will select a day and an hour for your weekly meetings together.

  3. Meet regularly with your tutor.
    You will meet with your tutor each week until the end of the semester (or until you feel that you no longer need their assistance) in a location of your mutual choice or via Zoom. The first session will be dedicated to helping your tutor learn more about your background with respect to the course material, as well as to developing goals for your work moving forward.

    Time Commitment
    The expected time length for each session is one hour. However, if you would like to meet for more than one hour per week with your tutor, please contact Dr. Luke Tunstall (luke.tunstall@trinity.edu) to discuss your situation further. 

    Making the Most of a Tutoring Session
    Because learning is an active process, it is important that you wrestle with the problems or material prior to your session, as well as follow up after the session with self-study and practice. Additionally, to benefit the most from this resource, continue using existing resources and attending regular office hours.

    Rescheduling Sessions
    If you ever need to change your chosen meeting time, you will need to discuss alternatives with your tutor. Note that, to ensure we are utilizing resources appropriately, students who cancel three or more sessions within 24 hours of the scheduled meeting time will lose supplemental tutoring access for the remainder of the semester.


If you have any questions about this program, please feel free to reach out to Dr. Luke Tunstall at luke.tunstall@trinity.edu.

No longer need your tutor?

If you decide that you no longer desire to meet with your tutor, simply inform the tutor as well as Dr. Tunstall at luke.tunstall@trinity.edu.