Get on Track Academically

Have you ever studied for hours and still felt like you didn’t know the material or expected to get a good grade on a mid-term and been disappointed? Working with an Academic Coach can help you study smarter by developing skills in:

   Time and Life Management

   Goal Setting

  Test Preparation

  Learning Strategies

    Earning Strong Grades

Betty Curry works with a student in the Tiger Learning Commons

Academic Coaching vs. Academic Advising

Academic Success coaches are not academic advisers.

Conversations with your adviser will focus on planning curriculum and meeting requirements, whereas Academic Coaching allows space for everything in between (testing anxiety, procrastination, motivation, accountability, etc.).

How to Schedule an Appointment

  1. Visit

    To book an appointment with an Academic Coach go to From there, enter your TU network credentials.

  2. Find an open time slot and choose a service.

    Your Home Page will appear. From here, click on Search Availability.  Next, you’ll need to designate which service you are interested in, (Academic Coaching), and from there, you can view a schedule based on a date and time range, as well as who is available. You can also specify the duration of your appointment (30 or 60 minutes). Note that the duration is what changes the time field; the time field itself is not editable.

  3. Tell us about yourself

    Next, you’ll have just a few quick things to fill out, including the reason you are visiting, as well as optional space for notes you want us to see ahead of the meeting.

During your coaching Session

Coaching sessions are tailored to meet individual needs and goals. For the best results, it is recommended that you:

  1. Prep before your session

    Give some thought to what roadblocks you may be facing, your primary concerns, and what you hope to accomplish during your coaching session

  2. Be an active participant

    It may be helpful to bring your calendar and class materials such as textbooks, notes, or your syllabus with you to the session.