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Writing Tutoring and Assistance

The Writing Center offers individualized insight and guidance to writers of all skill levels, at all steps of the writing process, and on all writing assignments and endeavors.

Sample Services:
  • Brainstorming
  • Outlining and drafting
  • Polishing, editing, and revising
  • Research and citation questions

Writing Center

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Help with Math, Statistics, and Computation

The Quantitative Reasoning and Skills (QRS) Center provides all students with resources and support for quantitative coursework and problem solving across Trinity’s curriculum.

Sample Services:
  • Reviewing prerequisite math for a specific class
  • Supplemental tutoring support for chemistry, economics, physics, and statistics 
  • Drop-in tutoring for your math course
  • Assistance with software such as R and LaTeX

QRS Center

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Departmental Tutoring

Each academic department offers its own resources and an academic support network for students, including:

  • Peer tutoring
  • Dedicated office hours
  • Exam review sessions

You are encouraged to reach out to your professors and departmental chairs to learn more about the tutoring opportunities and support resources at your disposal.

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Supplemental One-on-one Tutoring

Still struggling in a course, despite participating in regular office hours and tutoring sessions? Consider requesting a tutor through our Supplemental One-on-one Tutoring program.

Supplemental One-on-One Tutoring

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Academic Help in General

If you are struggling with studying and time management in general, consider scheduling a meeting with an Academic Coach. All students are welcome and encouraged to come talk with an Academic Coach.

Academic Coaching

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