Jump Start Your Semester

Offered to all at the beginning of each semester: If you're looking for some new ways to implement positive study habits to kick off the semester, this is the workshop for you. We'll cover time management, study skills, and more! Come with your schedules and calendars, and we can get you on the right track for the semester.

Workshops available on request, provided by Academic Support and the Center for Experiential Learning and Career Success

Time Management Strategies 

Learn time-tested strategies to gain control of your time. Bottom line: attitude is key. This workshop will help you understand the myths and realities of procrastination, setting goals, getting organized, using a planner, and segmenting your time. There is freedom in structure!  To schedule, contact Betty Curry, bcurry@trinity.edu

Make It Stick! Smart Study Strategies

Did you know that we tend to be poor judges of when we are learning well and when we are not? Some study methods give the illusion of mastery but don’t lead to real learning of critical ideas that can be applied in other contexts. This workshop will cover the highlights of effective reading, retrieval practice (self-quizzing), and deep learning through the connection of new material to prior knowledge.  Based on Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning by Peter C. Brown, Henry L. Roediger III, and Mark A McDaniel.  To schedule, contact Betty Curry, bcurry@trinity.edu.  

Writing Strategies

A workshop on the writing process and strategies for producing your best work and avoiding common pitfalls in writing assignments.  To schedule, contact Jenny Rowe, jrowe@trinity.edu

Tackling the Search

This workshop will cover the basic search process for internships, undergraduate research, and jobs. It will also show students the ins and outs of Handshake, the position posting site and CELCS resource center. To schedule, contact LadyStacie Rimes-Boyd, LRimesBo@trinity.edu

Build A Network For Life

Many people are intimidated by the thought of networking. Rather than think of it as networking, we have to think of it as Building A Network. This workshop will provide tips on how to build a network from the bottom up, utilizing the people you already know as well as tips for how to create relationships. To schedule, contact LadyStacie Rimes-Boyd, LRimesBo@trinity.edu

Connecting Your Class to Your Career

For some, it’s easy to minimize your accomplishments or not know how to connect knowledge gained through classes, course-embedded projects, internships, study abroad, student organizations and volunteering! But, all of these experiences, and more, have long lasting relevance to future career paths. In this workshop, students will be guided through Career Competencies, what employers are looking for and complete an exercise that will reinforce the knowledge and skills they have already attained through an examination of outcomes. To schedule, contact LadyStacie Rimes-Boyd, LRimesBo@trinity.edu

Don't Cancel That Class!

Trinity faculty: Do you have a conference or personal conflict coming up and need someone to teach your class? We can help by providing a workshop!

Please consider letting a staff member from Academic Support or CELCS  use that time to share useful strategies for success. We will be happy to come to your classroom and provide a presentation of your choice from the topics listed above. Two weeks notice is preferred. 

Please contact the presenter listed to request a workshop that will meet the needs of your class. 

  • Betty Curry, Director for Academic Support
  • Becca Burt Steinbach, Senior Academic Coach
  • Jenny Rowe, Director of Tutoring Programs
  • LadyStacie Rimes-Boyd, Associate Director, Campus Relations, CELCS