Requirements for the minor

The minor in Creative Writing consists of a minimum of twenty-one (21) credit hours from the following list of courses, with a maximum of two (2) courses in literature and with a maximum of two (2) courses in Communication.

Course ID Course Title
ART 2468 Bookbinding
COMM 3340 Media Writing: Magazine Writing
COMM 3340 Media Writing: Script Writing
COMM 3340 Media Writing: Digital Journalism
COMM 3343 Print Communication
COMM 3-46 Video Communication: Narrative Video Production
COMM 3-46 Video Communication: The Video Essay
THTR 3360 Playwriting
THTR 4-92 Special Topics in Performance: Advanced Playwriting
ENGL 3401 Non-Fiction Writing
ENGL 3402 Fiction Writing
ENGL 3403 Poetry Writing
ENGL 3411 Advanced Non-Fiction Writing
ENGL 3412 Advanced Fiction Writing
ENGL 3413 Advanced Poetry Writing
ENGL 3-16 Writing Internship
ENGL 3-17 Experiential Learning in Editing and Publishing
ENGL 3-90 Directed Studies—Junior Level
ENGL 4-90 Directed Studies—Senior Level
ENGL 3427 Contemporary Literature*
ENGL 3435 Rhetorical Analysis*
ENGL 3475 Postmodern Literature*
ENGL 4305 Topics in Creative Writing
ENGL 4423 Studies in American Literature: The American Short Story*
GNED 2340 Creative Thinking and the Artistic Process
GRST 3311 Fairy Tales
ML&L 3350 Genres in Creative Writing

When departments offer a relevant “special topics” or “variable content” course, the Chair of the English Department may designate such a course as meeting a relevant requirement for the minor. ENGL 4305 may be taken and applied toward the minor more than once as long as the topic of the course varies.

*This course is considered a literature course

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