Requirements for the major

The requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Arts with a major in English are as follows:

I. Departmental requirements

A. Thirty-nine (39) hours in the Department of English

B. Lower-division requirements:

At least twelve (12) hours of lower-division courses including:

Three out of four historical survey courses:

Course ID Course Title
ENGL-1311 The Beginnings of British Literature
ENGL-1312  British Literature from the French Revolution to the Present 
ENGL-1313  The Beginnings of American Literature
ENGL-1314 American Literature: Twentieth Century and Beyond
ENGL-2311 Literary Methods

C. Additional requirements:

 At least twenty-seven (27) hours of English courses, including:

  1. At least two (2) upper-division courses covering literary periods before 1800;
    Courses pre-1800 include: ENGL-3161, ENGL-3456, ENGL-3457, ENGL-3460, ENGL-3470, ENGL-4401, ENGL-4402, ENGL-4403, ENGL-4404, ENGL-4419, ENGL-4420, ENGL-4421, ENGL-4460. 

  2. At least two (2) upper-division courses covering literary periods after 1800; 
    Courses post-1800 include: ENGL-3427, ENGL-3429, ENGL-3466, ENGL-3471, ENGL-3472, ENGL-3475, ENGL-3480, ENGL-3481, ENGL-3484, ENGL-4422, ENGL-4423, ENGL-4425, ENGL-4427.​

  3. At least three (3) additional elective English courses, two (2) of which must be upper-division courses. Acceptable lower-division English elective courses include the following: ENGL-1311, ENGL-1312, ENGL-1313, ENGL-1314, ENGL-1315, ENGL-2308, ENGL-2401, ENGL-2402, ENGL-2403. No more than one (1) of the three (3) elective courses may be in creative writing.

 II. University requirements

Completion of all other required elements of the Pathways curriculum and at least 120 credit hours.



The senior thesis may be either an in depth and original piece of creative writing or an analytical argument of approximately 40 pages. The 6-hour thesis program (ENGL-4398 and ENGL-4399) may be undertaken by any English major with the consent of an appropriate instructor, and it is required of all students wishing to graduate with departmental Honors. 

A student wishing to graduate with Honors in English must complete all of the following:

  1. Maintain an overall grade point average of at least 3.33.
  2. Maintain a grade point average of at least 3.7 in English.
  3. Enroll in ENGL-4398 (in the first semester of the senior year) and ENGL-4399 (in the second semester of the senior year) with an appropriate faculty member who has approved the student’s project and has agreed to serve as the student’s thesis adviser.
  4. Submit a proposal for the thesis to the thesis adviser in the semester in which the student is enrolled in ENGL-4398.
  5. Include a significant scholarly component to the thesis, including a creative thesis.
  6. Complete ENGL-4398 and ENGL-4399 with a grade of “A.”
  7. Declare his or her intention to be considered for Honors by requesting approval from the chair of the department, with prior approval from the thesis adviser.
  8. Submit a completed draft of the senior thesis to the thesis adviser and to a second faculty reader.
  9. Submit the completed senior thesis to the departmental Honors committee, with the consent of the thesis adviser.
  10. Make an 10-15 minute oral presentation of the senior thesis to the honors committee. The presentation will be followed by discussion with the honors committee concerning both conception and execution of the thesis. 

After evaluating the quality of the senior thesis, the Honors committee will decide whether or not to confer departmental Honors. 

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