Design thinking is a human-centered approach to innovation, anchored in understanding customer and other stakeholders' needs, rapid prototyping, and generating creative ideas. Transforming the way one develops products, services, processes, and organizations, design thinking enables decision making based on what customers really want instead of relying only on historical data or making risky bets based on instinct instead of evidence. Coupled with the Lean Canvas and Business Model Canvas methodology, this course focuses on the humancentered design of business models, prototypes, and the customer discovery process. In this course you will also go through the process of innovation and design for entrepreneurial venture development as an essential step in transforming innovative ideas into reality and ensuring product-solution fit lead to real customer traction. Prerequisite: Prerequisites: GNED 2340 (also listed as ART 2314 and THTR/ENGL/MUSC 2340) and Junior standing.
3 credits
Upper Division