The graduate program in Health Care Administration is designed to promote the development and refinement of the conceptual, interpersonal, and technical skills necessary for understanding individual and community health problems, for effective planning for and management of health care organizations and institutions, and for leadership in the community at large. A detailed description of the On-Campus Program can be found at the department's website.

Requirements for the master's

A Master of Science in Health Care Administration will be conferred by Trinity University upon completion of a course of study that includes 16 months of on-campus study and an administrative residency, usually of 12 months. A class is admitted in the fall semester. Degree requirements may be met under either a thesis or non-thesis alternative. Each plan requires 50 credit hours during the on-campus portion of the program, but the non-thesis alternative substitutes 6 hours of coursework for 6 hours of thesis credit. Both plans require an administrative residency that carries 6 hours of graduate credit. The specific courses for either of these plans shall be determined by the student’s adviser and Chair of the Department of Health Care Administration after consideration of the student’s academic background and experience.

The following courses are recommended:

Course ID Course Title
HCAD-5101 Seminar in Professional Development for Health Care Executives
HCAD-5102 Physicians and Physician Relations
HCAD-5220 Statistical Analysis in Health Care Organizations
HCAD-5221 Operations Management in Health Care Organizations
HCAD-5290 Problems: Clinical Decision-Making
HCAD-5310 Health Services Organization and Policy I
HCAD-5311 Health Services Organization and Policy II
HCAD-5313 Economic Aspects of Health Care Administration
HCAD-5330 Health Care Organization Theory and Management
HCAD-5333 Legal Aspects of Health Care Administration
HCAD-5340 Health Care Strategic Planning and Marketing
HCAD-5350 Seminar in Current Health Care Issues
HCAD-5351 Financial Management
HCAD-5365 Leadership and Conflict Management
HCAD-5373 Health Administration Ethics
HCAD-5380 Health Care Human Resource Management
HCAD-5383 Health Care Institutional Management
HCAD-5387 Health Information and Data Analytics
HCAD-5390 Problems: Performance Improvement in Health Care Organizations
FNCE-5351 Financial Analysis for Decision-Making

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