Four book covers: West Side Rising by Char Miller, The Kronkosky Foundation Story by Ingrid Friese Petty, Wild Spectacle by Janisse Ray, and The Nation Must Awake by Mary E. Jones Parrish
Trinity University Press Announces Fall 2021 Releases
Selection shows commitment to more deeply to addressing diversity, equity, and inclusion
Friday, November 19, 2021

Enjoy the Fall 2021 selection of new titles from Trinity University Press, which feature topics ranging from social and environmental justice to global travel and discovery.

Poster of a girl holding a baby with the words "West Side Rising."

West Side Rising: How San Antonio’s 1921 Flood Devastated a City and Sparked a Latino Environmental Justice Movement
Char Miller
foreword by Julián Castro

On Sept. 9, 1921, a tropical depression stalled over San Antonio and, within hours, overwhelmed its winding network of creeks and rivers. Floodwaters ripped through the city’s Latino West Side neighborhoods, killing more than 80 people. The death toll was only the beginning of the devastation unleashed on the city’s most vulnerable communities. Environmental historian Char Miller explores the uneven deployment of resources that followed the storm’s destruction and the grassroots response against discriminatory public services that changed the city’s political landscape.

Flyer with the words "The Kronkosky Foundation Story" with a man and woman on the cover

The Kronkosky Foundation Story: Creating Profound Good through Community Philanthropy
Ingrid Friese Petty
foreword by Robert Rivard
introduction by J. Tullos Wells

This book is a broad review of the 25-year history of the Albert and Bessie Mae Kronkosky Charitable Foundation. Albert and Bessie Mae Kronkosky were committed to creating a legacy of “profound good” through charitable giving across four Texas counties that were dear to their hearts. The private foundation, formed in 1995 with a mission focused on health and human services, arts, and culture, has had a significant impact on San Antonio and the surrounding area.

Cover of Wild Spectacle by Janisse Ray

Wild Spectacle: Seeking Wonders in a World Beyond Humans
Janisse Ray

Looking for adventure and continuing a process of self-discovery, Janisse Ray (author of the bestelling Ecology of a Cracker Childhood) has repeatedly set out to immerse herself in wildness, to be wild, and to learn what wildness can teach us. From overwintering with monarch butterflies in Mexico to counting birds in Belize, the stories in Wild Spectacle capture her luckiest moments—ones of heart-pounding amazement, discovery of romance, and moving toward living more wisely.

Cover of The Nation Must Awake by Mary E. Jones Parrish

The Nation Must Awake: My Witness to the Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921
Mary E. Jones Parrish
afterword by Anneliese M. Bruner
introduction by John Hope Franklin and Scott Ellsworth

Mary Parrish was reading in her home when the Tulsa Race Massacre began on the evening of May 31, 1921. Parrish’s daughter, Florence Mary, called her mother to the window. “Mother,” she said, “I see men with guns.” The mother and daughter eventually fled and unwittingly became eyewitnesses to the death of hundreds of Black Oklahomans and the destruction of the Greenwood district. The Nation Must Awake is Parrish’s first-person account, compiled along with the recollections of nearly two dozen others, of what is now recognized as the single worst incident of racial violence in U.S. history.

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