Covers of Woodsqueer, The Middle of Somewhere, and To Be Honest
Trinity University Press: Summer 2022 Selections
TU Press offers three of its most recent publications

As you plan your summer reading, don't miss these three recent publications from Trinity University Press. Find more information on these books and more on TU Press' website.

Woodsqueer: Crafting a Sustainable Rural Life by Gretchen Legler

“Woodsqueer” is sometimes used to describe the mindset of a person who has taken to the wild for an extended time. Gretchen Legler is no stranger to life away from the rapid-fire pace of the 21st century, which can often lead to a kind of stir-craziness. Woodsqueer chronicles her experiences intentionally focusing on not just making a living but making a life—in this case, an agrarian one more in tune with the earth on 80 acres in backwoods Maine.

The Middle of Somewhere: An Artist Explores the Nature of Virginia by Suzanne Stryk

There’s no such thing as the middle of nowhere. Everywhere is the middle of somewhere for some living being. That was Suzanne Stryk’s mantra as she journeyed through her home state on a mission to explore Virginia’s natural and human history through essays, sketches, and multimedia assemblages— and Virginia’s ecology from a visual artist’s point of view. In a challenge that is universal, Stryk invites us to travel slowly, tread lightly, and look closely at each somewhere that defines a place.

To Be Honest: Voices on Donald Trump’s Muslim Ban by Sarah Beth Kaufman, William G. Christ, and Habiba Noor

To Be Honest is a play script and series of essays reflecting on the ways Muslims are perceived and spoken of in America. With funding from a Mellon Foundation grant, several Trinity University professors conducted more than 200 hours of qualitative interviews in Texas with people across religious and political spectrums. Their conversations confirm expected polarizations and reveal new perspectives. Six essays contextualize the script’s underlying themes and provide further study.

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