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Accounting (ACCT)
Course Course Title Credits
ACCT-1300 Understanding the Language of Business 3 credits
ACCT-1301 Fundamentals of Financial Accounting 3 credits
ACCT-1302 Fundamentals of Managerial Accounting 3 credits
ACCT-1341 Capitalism, Accounting, and Accountability 3 credits
ACCT-2141 The Accounting Profession and Professionalism 1 credit
ACCT-3142 Introduction to Oil and Gas Accounting 1 credit
ACCT-3190 Studies in Accounting 1 credit
ACCT-3303 Business Analytics 3 credits
ACCT-3341 Intermediate Financial Accounting I 3 credits
ACCT-3342 Intermediate Financial Accounting II 3 credits
ACCT-3343 Introduction to Federal Income Tax 3 credits
ACCT-3344 Accounting Information Systems 3 credits
ACCT-3390 Studies in Accounting 3 credits
ACCT-3490 Studies in Accounting 4 credits
ACCT-4344 Auditing 3 credits
ACCT-4397 Accounting Internship 3 credits
ACCT-5190 Selected Topics in Accounting 1 credit
ACCT-5191 Independent Study: Software Certification Preparation 1 credit
ACCT-5341 Accounting Theory 3 credits
ACCT-5343 Seminar in Advanced Federal Tax 3 credits