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Engineering (ENGR)
Course Course Title Credits
ENGR-1190 Directed Research - Introductory Level 1 credit
ENGR-1313 Mechanics I 3 credits
ENGR-1381 Engineering Analysis & Design I 3 credits
ENGR-1382 Engineering Analysis & Design II 3 credits
ENGR-1390 Directed Research - Introductory Level 3 credits
ENGR-2120 Electric Circuits Laboratory 1 credit
ENGR-2164 Electronics I Laboratory 1 credit
ENGR-2181 Engineering Design III 1 credit
ENGR-2182 Engineering Design IV 1 credit
ENGR-2191 Problems in Engineering 1 credit
ENGR-2192 Introduction to Making 1 credit
ENGR-2309 Professional Practice 3 credits
ENGR-2311 Mass and Energy Balances 3 credits
ENGR-2314 Mechanics II 3 credits
ENGR-2320 Electric Circuits 3 credits
ENGR-2359 Fundamentals of Environmental Engineering 3 credits
ENGR-2364 Electronics I 3 credits
ENGR-2391 Problems in Engineering 3 credits
ENGR-3121 Signals and Systems Laboratory 1 credit
ENGR-3123 Fluid Mechanics I Laboratory 1 credit