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African American Studies (AFAM)
Course Course Title Credits
AFAM-1310 Introduction to African American Studies 3 credits
AFAM-3290 Special Topics in African American Studies 2 credits
AFAM-3310 African American Studies Internship 3 credits
AFAM-3390 Special Topics in African American Studies 3 credits
Comparative Literature (CMLT)
Course Course Title Credits
CMLT-1300 Introduction to Comparative Literature 3 credits
CMLT-1315 Afterlives of Antiquity: Underworld Journeys & Encounters With the Dead 3 credits
CMLT-1317 Classical Traditions in Science Fiction 3 credits
CMLT-2301 World Literature and the Environment 3 credits
CMLT-2350 Science Fiction and the Environment 3 credits
CMLT-3290 Reading and Conference 2 credits
CMLT-3390 Reading and Conference 3 credits
Culture and Languages Across the Curriculum (CLAC)
Course Course Title Credits
CLAC-3301 Paris: the Biography of a City (Paris: La Biographie D'une Ville) 3 credits
CLAC-3308 Una breve historia de America Latina en el siglo XX a traves de su musica Popular (A Concise 20TH Century History of Latin America Through its Popular Music) 3 credits
CLAC-3309 Spain in the U.S. 3 credits
CLAC-3340 Haciendo Negocios En Latinoamerica (Doing Business in Latin America) 3 credits
CLAC-3343 Relaciones fronterizas Mexico-Estados Unidos (bilingue) 3 credits
CLAC-3344 Teaching in the Bilingual (English/Spanish)classroom 3 credits
CLAC-3346 La economia espanola y la Union Europea (The Spanish Economy and the European Union) 3 credits
CLAC-3372 Practica profesional en Espana (Internship in Spain) 3 credits
CLAC-4202 Special Topics in Languages Across the Curriculum 2 credits