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Political Science (PLSI)
Course Course Title Credits
PLSI-2432 Film, Literature, and Politics of the Third World 4 credits
PLSI-3405 The U.S. Congress 4 credits
PLSI-3413 Policy Analysis and the Policymaking Process 4 credits
PLSI-3416 Urban Politics 4 credits
PLSI-3430 European Politics 4 credits
PLSI-3431 Comparative Political Economy of North America, Europe, and East Asia 4 credits
PLSI-3434 State, Society, and Change in the Middle East 4 credits
PLSI-3435 Global City Berlin 4 credits
PLSI-3440 Performing Human Rights 4 credits
PLSI-3441 East Asian Security 4 credits
PLSI-3442 International Law 4 credits
PLSI-3443 Chinese Foreign Policy 4 credits
PLSI-3444 The Middle East and the World 4 credits
PLSI-3445 Gender Perspectives in Intl. Politics 4 credits
PLSI-3446 War and Alliance 4 credits
PLSI-3447 International Criminal Justice: The Hague Program 4 credits
PLSI-3448 International Human Rights 4 credits
PLSI-3462 Modern Political Thought 4 credits
PLSI-3463 Masters of Suspicion: Contemporary Political Thought 4 credits
PLSI-3490 Reading and Conference 4 credits