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Health Care Administration (HCAD)
Course Course Title Credits
HCAD-3491 Special Topics 4 credits
HCAD-5490 Problems 4 credits
Religion (RELI)
Course Course Title Credits
RELI-2400 What Is Religion? 4 credits
RELI-2460 Philosophy of Religion 4 credits
RELI-3403 Death and Beyond 4 credits
RELI-3415 Economics of Religion 4 credits
RELI-3418 Religion and Film 4 credits
RELI-3431 The Hindu Tradition 4 credits
RELI-3432 Buddhist Ecology 4 credits
RELI-3433 Chinese Religions: Unity and Diversity 4 credits
RELI-3434 Japanese Literature of the Spirit World 4 credits
RELI-3435 Nonviolent Warriors: Jainism in South Asian Religious History 4 credits
RELI-3441 Creating Judaism 4 credits
RELI-3442 Global Christianities 4 credits
RELI-3444 Islam in North America 4 credits
RELI-3445 Islam, Gender, and Power 4 credits
RELI-3446 The Qur'an 4 credits
RELI-3452 Jewish & Christian Apocalyptic Literature 4 credits
RELI-3454 The Letters of Paul 4 credits
RELI-3455 Early Christian Literature Beyond the Canon 4 credits