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Accounting (ACCT)
Course Course Title Credits
ACCT-3590 Studies in Accounting 5 credits
ACCT-3690 Studies in Accounting 6 credits
ACCT-4697 Accounting Internship 6 credits
ACCT-5590 Selected Topics in Accounting 5 credits
ACCT-5690 Selected Topics in Accounting 6 credits
Anthropology (ANTH)
Course Course Title Credits
ANTH-3673 Archaeological Fieldwork 6 credits
ANTH-3690 Anthropology Independent Study 6 credits
ANTH-4671 Anthropology Internship 6 credits
Arts, Letters, and Enterprise (ALE)
Course Course Title Credits
ALE-4590 Internship 5 credits
ALE-4690 Internship 6 credits
Business (BUSN)
Course Course Title Credits
BUSN-3590 Studies in Business 5 credits
BUSN-3597 Internship in Business Administration 5 credits
BUSN-3690 Studies in Business 6 credits
BUSN-3697 Internship in Business Administration 6 credits
Business Analytics and Technology (BAT)
Course Course Title Credits
BAT-3597 Business Analytics Internship 5 credits
BAT-3697 Business Analytics Internship 6 credits
Communication (COMM)
Course Course Title Credits
COMM-3545 Media Communication Workshop 5 credits
COMM-3645 Media Communication Workshop 6 credits
COMM-4590 Directed Studies in Communication 5 credits
COMM-4690 Directed Studies in Communication 6 credits