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Linguistics (LING)
Course Course Title Credits
LING-1300 Foundations of Linguistics 3 credits
LING-1310 Applied Linguistics 3 credits
LING-3390 Directed Studies - Junior Level 3 credits
LING-4390 Directed Studies - Senior Level 3 credits
Psychology (PSYC)
Course Course Title Credits
PSYC-1300 Principles of Psychology 3 credits
PSYC-2310 Introduction to Neuroscience 3 credits
PSYC-2320 Lifespan Development 3 credits
PSYC-2330 Fundamentals of Cognition 3 credits
PSYC-2341 Social Psychology 3 credits
PSYC-2350 Language Development 3 credits
PSYC-2360 Special Topics in Psychology 3 credits
PSYC-2361 Lab Experience in Psychology 3 credits
PSYC-3310 Neuroethics 3 credits
PSYC-3311 Sensation and Perception 3 credits
PSYC-3312 Principles of Learning 3 credits
PSYC-3321 Cognitive Development 3 credits
PSYC-3322 Social Development 3 credits
PSYC-3340 Psychopathology 3 credits
PSYC-3342 Personality and Individual Differences 3 credits
PSYC-3355 Behavioral Medicine 3 credits