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Chinese (CHIN)
Course Course Title Credits
CHIN-2311 Chinese Civilization 3 credits
CHIN-3300 Advanced Placement Credit in Chinese 3 credits
CHIN-3305 The Culture of Taiwan 3 credits
CHIN-3310 Chengyu Tales 3 credits
CHIN-3311 Reading Chinese Newspapers 3 credits
CHIN-3312 Chinese Cinema: a Historical and Cultural Perspective 3 credits
CHIN-3313 Cities of Strangers: Trans-Cultural Chinese Cinema 3 credits
CHIN-3314 Chinese Literature in Translation 3 credits
CHIN-3320 The Rise of Modern China 3 credits
CHIN-3330 Global Business Culture 3 credits
CHIN-3366 Governance and Public Policy in Contemporary China 3 credits
CHIN-3367 Comparative Views of Modern China 3 credits
CHIN-3376 Contemporary Chinese Art 3 credits
CHIN-4310 Advanced Conversation and Composition I 3 credits
CHIN-4311 Advanced Conversation and Composition II 3 credits
CHIN-4321 Readings in Modern Chinese Literature 3 credits
CHIN-4322 Readings in Contemporary Chinese Cinema 3 credits
CHIN-4351 Classical Chinese 3 credits
CHIN-4364 Internationalizing Intellectual Property 3 credits
CHIN-4390 Reading and Conference 3 credits