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English (ENGL)
Course Course Title Credits
ENGL-1302 Writing Workshop 3 credits
ENGL-1303 Intermediate Writing 3 credits
ENGL-1311 The Beginnings of English Literature 3 credits
ENGL-1312 British Literature From the French Revolution to the Present 3 credits
ENGL-1313 The Beginnings of American Literature Colonization to 1900 3 credits
ENGL-1314 American Literature: Twentieth Century and Beyond 3 credits
ENGL-1315 World Literature 3 credits
ENGL-2306 Advanced Placement I 3 credits
ENGL-2307 Advanced Placement II 3 credits
ENGL-2308 The Literary Imagination 3 credits
ENGL-2310 Introduction to Creative Writing 3 credits
ENGL-2311 Literary Methods 3 credits
ENGL-2315 Introduction to Professional Writing 3 credits
ENGL-2320 The Epic Legacy: Clas Recept in Mid Ages 3 credits
ENGL-2340 Creative Thinking and the Artistic Process 3 credits
ENGL-2373 African American Literature 3 credits
ENGL-3304 Writing Tutors/Writing Workshop 3 credits
ENGL-3316 Writing Internship 3 credits
ENGL-3317 Experiential Learning in Editing and Publishing 3 credits
ENGL-3347 The History of the Book 3 credits