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Arts, Letters, and Enterprise (ALE)
Course Course Title Credits
ALE-3301 Grant Writing & Fundraising 3 credits
ALE-4090 Internship 0 credits
ALE-4190 Internship 1 credit
ALE-4290 Internship 2 credits
ALE-4390 Internship 3 credits
ALE-4490 Internship 4 credits
ALE-4590 Internship 5 credits
ALE-4690 Internship 6 credits
History (HIST)
Course Course Title Credits
HIST-1300 The African Experience 3 credits
HIST-1301 The African Experience 2 3 credits
HIST-1310 Ancient Greece and Rome 3 credits
HIST-1311 Gender and Identity in the Ancient World 3 credits
HIST-1312 Greeks, Romans, and Barbarians 3 credits
HIST-1320 History of China 3 credits
HIST-1324 Modern East Asia 3 credits
HIST-1332 Medieval Europe 3 credits
HIST-1333 Medieval Christianity: Tradition and Transformation, 200-1200 3 credits
HIST-1334 Early Modern Europe (1500-1815) 3 credits
HIST-1335 Modern Europe 3 credits
HIST-1340 Latin American Cultural Tradition 3 credits