Requirements for the minor

I. Two courses from each of the three categories below (A, B, and C), for a total of six courses. 
II. At least three of the total shall be upper division courses. 

No more than two of the total may overlap with the student's primary major. These courses shall be chosen as follows: 

A. Two courses in the literature of a language other than English 

All materials in these courses must be in the original language. These courses include the following: 

  • In the Department of Classical Studies: 
Course ID Course Title
GREK-2302 Readings in Classical Greek Literature
GREK-2303  Readings in the New Testament
GREK-3301 Homer and the Greek Epic
GREK-3302 Attic Prose
GREK-3303 Greek Drama
GREK-3404 Greek Historians
LATN-3302 Virgil and Latin Epic
LATN-3403 Latin Prose to 43 B.C. 
LATN-3304 Lyric and Elegiac Poets
LATN-3305 Latin Prose from 43 B.C.
LATN-3306 Comedy and Satire
  • In the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures: 
Course ID Course Title
CHIN-3312  Chinese Cinema: A Historical and Cultural Perspective 
CHIN-4321  Readings in Modern Chinese Literature 
CHIN-4351  Classical Chinese 
FREN-3305  Introduction to French Literature I 
FREN-3306  Introduction to French Literature II 
FREN-4303  Topics in French Literature of the Seventeenth Century 
FREN-4304  Topics in French Literature of the Eighteenth Century 
FREN-4305  Topics in French Literature of the Nineteenth Century 
FREN-4306  Topics in French Literature of the Twentieth Century 
FREN-4307 French Cinema 
GERM-3305 Introduction to German Literature and Culture I 
GERM-3306 Introduction to German Literature and Culture II 
GERM-4301 Genre Studies in German Literature 
GERM-4310  Seminar in German Literature 
RUSS-3305  Introduction to Russian Literature I 
RUSS-3306  Introduction to Russian Literature II 
RUSS-4301  Genre Studies in Russian Literature 
RUSS-4310 Seminar in Russian Literature 
SPAN-3321  Spanish Cinema 
SPAN-3322  Spanish American Cinema 
SPAN-3331  Introduction to Spanish Literature Since 1700 
SPAN-3332  Introduction to Spanish American Literature 
SPAN-4331  Medieval Spanish Literature 
SPAN-4332 Spanish Golden Age Literature 
SPAN-4333 Don Quijote 
SPAN-4334  Nineteenth-Century Spanish Literature 
SPAN-4335  Hispanic Modernism 
SPAN-4336  Twentieth-Century Spanish Literature 
SPAN-4338  Spanish Women Writers 
SPAN-4342  Spanish American Lit before Modernism 
SPAN-4343  Twentieth-Century Spanish American Poetry 
SPAN-4344  Twentieth-Century Spanish American Novel 
SPAN-4345  Twentieth-Century Spanish American Short Story 
SPAN-4346  Twentieth-Century Spanish American Drama 
SPAN-4347  National and Regional Literature of Spanish America 
SPAN-4348  Spanish American Women Writers 
SPAN-4349  Sexualities in Literature and Film 

B. Two literature courses in a language other than that chosen for A

These may include courses listed above for A, literature and film courses in translation offered in the Department of Classical Studies and in the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, German Studies courses listed as “GRST,” courses in American or British literature offered in the Department of English, and the course in American drama offered in the Department of Human Communication and Theatre. These may also include the following courses offered in the Department of Religion: RELI-3351—Narratives in the Hebrew Bible, and RELI-3352—Poetry in the Hebrew Bible. 

C. CMLT 1300, and one​ additional course to be chosen from the following list of courses with strong comparative components

Course ID Course Title
ARTH-2301 International Cinema (also listed as COMM-2301, FILM-2301, and ML&L-2301) 
CLAS-1305  Classical Mythology 
CLAS-1307  Gender and Identity in the Ancient World 
CLAS-1314 The Art of Losing
CLAS-1315 Afterlives of Antiquity: Underworlds in The Western Tradition
CLAS-3302  Greek and Roman Epic 
CLAS-3310 Antiquity and Diversity in Contemporary Literature
CLAS-3377 Reimagining Tragedy (also listed as THTR-3377)
CLAS-3403  Greek and Roman Drama (also listed as THTR-3335) 
CLAS-3404 The Ancient Romance Novel 
CLAS-3405 Antiquity and Modernity 
CLAS-3409  Epic Journeys 
COMM-2301  International Cinema (also listed as ARTH-2301, FILM-2301 and ML&L-2301) 
CMLT-1300 Introduction to Comparative Literature (REQUIRED
CMLT-2350  Science Fiction and the Environment 
CMLT-3409  Epic Journeys (also listed as CLAS-3409
ENGL-2305  World Literature 
ENGL-3429 Jewish Literature 
ENGL-3359 Medieval Literature 
ENGL-3375 Postmodern Literature 
ENGL-3385 The Continental Novel 
ENGL-4427  Literature of the Holocaust 
FILM-2301 International Cinema (also listed as ARTH-2301, COMM-2301, and ML&L-2301)
GRST-3311 Fairy Tales 
ML&L-2301 International Cinema (also listed as ARTH-2301, COMM-2301, and FILM-2301
PHI-2425  Existentialism 
PHIL-3460  Philosophy of Literature 
PLSI-1332 Film, Literature, and Politics of the Third World 
RELI-3455 Early Christian Literature Beyond the Canon
THTR-3335 Greek and Roman Drama 
THTR-3336 Modern Drama
THTR-3337 Contemporary Drama
THTR-3377 Reimagining Tragedy (also listed as CLAS-3377)

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