Experiential Design is a discussion and projects based course which studies the various interactive, immersive and experience based attractions that utilize theatre design as a basis. This includes theme parks, public art, museum exhibits, escape rooms, tradeshows and corporate events, and retail. Students will develop analytical and interpretive skills for devising environments that portray storylines to guests, customers, and audiences, while stressing research skills. We will also explore different methods of design presentation as a means to communicate one's visual interpretation of design ideas through sketching, collage making, Sketchup models and Photoshop. Basics tutorials for computer software will be given in class. Each student will be expected to develop basic creative communication and collaboration, research, sketching, collaging and presenting skills. Classes will be a combination of lectures, discussions, in class Studio work, and critiques. Through class presentations and discussions of their work, as well as evaluating choices made by the professional designers, students will develop skills for critical evaluation of their own work and that of others. Completion of THTR 2310 is recommended but not required. (Offered every Spring.)
3 credits
Lower Division
The Capacities | Oral and Visual Communication
Approaches to Creation and Analysis | Creative Expression
The Capacities | Digital Literacy