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Behind the Desk of a Future Elementary Teacher
Andrea Barrientos

Andrea Barrientos is a graduate student taking the Master of Arts in Teaching for elementary education. She graduated from Trinity with a degree in Spanish and was placed into an elementary bilingual program with kindergarteners. We sat down with Andrea to talk about her experience in the program.

Q: Can you share the moment or incident you realized that you wanted to be a teacher?
A: Senior year of high school, I took a class where I was actually able to go to an elementary school five days a week. I really enjoyed it and I realized that is something I wanted to pursue in college.

Q: Is there a specific grade you are excited to work with?
A: I’ve always said typically second grade and below is where I would want to be. Right now, I’m working with kindergarteners and I’m enjoying it a lot. 

Q: Why did you choose the MAT program at Trinity? Is there anything specific that intrigued you about it?
A: So I think a big part of it was going to be the time commitment: it was only one year. It all came down to when Dr. Delgado emailed me and asked me if I was still interested in the program and I went for it.

Q: Why did you choose elementary education over secondary education?
A: I’ve always enjoyed being around the younger kids. I’ve also found that elementary was a fit. My experience has been with the elementary kids so that’s where I felt the most comfortable. 

Q: Tell me about your experience working with elementary age students. Is there anything you especially like about the experience or anything you learned so far?
A: I really enjoy that it’s very hands-on. You really get to interact with the students. It’s more of an observation but we really get to interact with the kids.

Q: Do you have any advice for anyone considering taking the MAT program at Trinity?
A: If it’s something that you’re really passionate about, go for it. It’s a really unique experience and not everyone gets this opportunity so just be open-minded about it.

Q: How is graduate school different from undergrad?
A: In undergrad, you have more flexibility and balance with your personal life. In this program, it’s an adjustment to a schedule. Make sure to find time for yourself and find that balance. 

Q: Will you share an “aha” moment you experienced in one of your graduate education classes?
A: In the summer, we were focused on the science of teaching reading and we talked a lot about phonics. Taking this course made me realize why we did it. I remember telling my professor at the time that I grew up and learned the alphabet but I never put it together, what’s the why. It all made sense at that moment.

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