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The Charles Butt Scholarship for Aspiring Teachers

We sat down with Dr. Laura Allen, Program Director for the Charles Butt Scholarship, to find out more about this opportunity. 

What is the Charles Butt Scholarship?
The Charles Butt Scholarship for Aspiring Teachers is designed to help support individuals interested in becoming Texas teachers. It provides $10,000 toward the cost of attendance to Trinity’s Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program. It also includes professional development opportunities, mentorship from public school educators, and participation in a statewide aspiring teacher network facilitated by Raise Your Hand Texas (RYHT), part of the Charles Butt Foundation. 

Who can apply for the scholarship?
The scholarship is open to individuals who apply and are accepted to Trinity University’s MAT program. Candidates must demonstrate and maintain a strong academic record and leadership skills, commit to teaching in a high-need school or a high-need teaching field in Texas, be a U.S. citizen and, preferably, a Texas resident. At Trinity, we encourage everyone who meets these criteria to apply for the Charles Butt Scholarship. 

Can you define high-need school and high-need teaching field?
High-need schools are defined as public schools in which at least 50% of enrolled students meet the requirements for the federal free and reduced lunch program. This is true of most Texas public school districts. High-need teaching fields include bilingual education, English language acquisition, mathematics, science, and special education. 

Can you tell us a little more about the application process?
Applications are online and typically open each October and close either late January or early February of the following year. Trinity faculty in the Education department then conduct a first-round of screening. Applicants that move forward become finalists and are invited to a day-long interview conducted by RYHT that includes an individual interview, a group interview, and a teaching demonstration. Successful applicants are usually notified of their award in April or May. 

What if I have applied to the MAT program but haven’t been accepted yet? Can I still apply for the Charles Butt Scholarship?
Yes. The MAT application process and the Charles Butt Scholar application process are intentionally aligned. Applicants learn about their admission status to the MAT program before the full application process concludes for the Charles Butt Scholar application. 

How many scholarships are awarded each year?
Over the past five years, an average of 10 Trinity MAT candidates have received this scholarship each year. So, 80-90% of Trinity MAT candidates who applied for the scholarship have received it. That’s an amazing ratio. 

Recently selected Scholars for 2022-23 include the following individuals:

  • Corbin Amos
  • Andrea Barrientos
  • Kit Davis
  • Halyssa Garza
  • Eva House
  • Meyer Blaine Maddox
  • Katrina Munoz
  • Emily Nichols
  • Julia Palmer
  • Amelia Powell
  • Olivia Wehrung
  • Anya Wimberly

How long is the scholarship available?
Trinity has a five-year grant for the scholarship (2018-2023). We plan to reapply for another five-year grant in Spring 2022. 

Where can I learn more about the scholarship?
You can find information at Charles Butt Scholarship at Trinity University. You can also browse current and past Scholar recipients at Meet the Scholars

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