Headshot of Willa Rubin
Behind the Desk of a Future Teacher
Willa Rubin

    Willa Rubin is a graduate student in Trinity’s Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program. She is originally from Georgetown, Texas, and graduated from Trinity in 2018 with majors in political science and environmental studies.
    As an undergraduate, Willa did not see herself returning to Trinity for the MAT program. She took two years off and worked in various jobs before coming back to Trinity to pursue her MAT degree. After looking at other programs, she realized that it would be hard to collect prerequisites at a university she wasn't already familiar with, so she took a second look at Trinity’s MAT program. The MAT also made the most practical sense for her because of cost and location. Then, after she met with some of the Education faculty, she became more excited about this next phase of her life.
    One of the characteristics of the MAT program is a small cohort, which fosters community. Willa has enjoyed the opportunity to build friendships within her classmates, as well as with professors and mentor teachers. Willa values getting to spend all day talking with her cohort about education, something they all care about deeply. “Together, we are able to be curious and idealistic,” Willa said. “It truly feels like we are all working together to support each other in becoming better educators and community members.”
Another unique feature of the MAT program is students are assigned a mentor teacher for their internship. Willa finds it refreshing to have an expert in their field to work alongside. This helps her succeed on her own terms. “I feel challenged and supported and loved,” Willa said. “I also love my students! Getting to hear and read their thoughts is an absolute privilege.”
    Willa has found that the professors seamlessly guide her and her cohort through the MAT curriculum. Learning the pedagogical content has been interesting, as she has learned different teaching strategies. She has also learned more about the problem solving component of planning, as well as trying to figure out which teaching strategy will work best in an exciting and inclusive way for all students. Gaining this experience and knowledge has been super fun and rewarding for her.
    Willa hopes to teach social studies next year. She would also love to continue building her environmental science knowledge and pursue environmental education opportunities. Later on, Willa wants to continue graduate school to learn more about educational leadership. “Mostly, I am excited to be a part of a school community and create innovative and interdisciplinary learning opportunities!” Willa said.
One thing Willa shows is that graduate school might not be in students' plans, but life experience can always lead us to a new desk.


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