Members of the late Professor Don McGannon’s family celebrate the 2015 dedication of the Trinity Geosciences Rock Garden.

The Trinity Geosciences rock garden, located south of Marrs McLean Science Hall of CSI, was established to commemorate and honor the memory of Donald McGannon, Jr., founder of Trinity’s Geosciences department, and to provide the campus and community with a beautiful, educational landmark in the heart of Trinity’s campus.


Thank you to the donors who made the Geosciences Rock Garden possible!

Dianna '79 and Daniel Abitz
J. Lawford Anderson '70
Robert and Rita Augsburger
Annell Bay '77 and Robert Suchecki
Nancy '81 and Ross Benthien
Karen Brooks '6
Brian '80 and Sandra '81 Cochrane
Edward Collins '75
Athene Cua '84 and Gregory Walsh
Jack Downing '66
Margaret Perales Graham '79
Martha Jagucki '84
Byrd '74 and Leslie Larberg
Stephanie Latimer '84
Thomas Mathews '82

Charles Montgomery '74
Joseph Motes III '83
Jacues '73 and Margaret Oliver
Lincoln '82 and Elizabeth '83 Pratson
Eric '86 and Tara Radjef
Vivienne and Ashby Rice III '72
Richard Sepulvado '74
John W. Snedden '77
Robert B. Stewart '83
Scott '82 and Allyson Tinker
Helen D. Valkavich '84
Richard H. Ward Jr. '65
David '75 and Bonnie Weekley
Christopher '85 and Julie Whitten
Katrina Withers '81
Clyde Yancey '75

All of the rocks (other than the Duluth Gabbro) from Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan, were donated by Dr. Gene LaBerge, Professor Emeritus, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.

The Duluth Gabbro samples were donated by Dr. George Hudak, Director, Minerals-Metallurgy-Mining Initiative, Natural Resources Research Institute, Duluth, Minnesota.

The Bandalier Tuff sample was donated by Dr. Diane Smith, Imogene & Harold Herndon Professor of Geology, Trinity University.

The Cambrian samples from Mason, Texas were donated by Dr. Daniel Lehrmann, Pyron Professor of Geosciences, Trinity University.

Rock Garden Map (PDF)

Archean Rocks

Cambrian Rocks

Holocene Rocks

Mesoproterozoic Rocks

Neoproterozoic Rocks

Paleoproterozoic Rocks

Permian Rocks

Pleistocene Rocks

Quaternary Rocks