• A teacher at heart, Dr. Breidenstein taught middle and high school social studies and world languages (German) after graduating from Trinity, and now her teaching passion focuses on undergraduate and graduate education at Trinity to prepare the next generation of teachers for teaching and teacher leadership.   She was recognized with the university award for Excellence in Advising in in 2003 for advising and support to first year students, undergraduates, graduate students in the MAT program, and  alumni. 

    • Ed.D., Teachers College, Columbia University 
    • M.Ed., Teachers College, Columbia University 
    • MAT, Trinity University 
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    Teaching and research interests focus on teacher education, best practice in secondary education, and professional development schools as sites for  everyone's learning in the school -- students, teachers, school leaders, and families/extended community.

    Works in the areas of adult learning and professional development, professional learning communities, transformational learning of individuals and organizations, and school reinvention.

    Teaches and advises in the Master of Arts in Teaching program, leads the secondary education program, and teaches and advises undergraduate students in the field-based practicum and field seminar courses that are pre-requisites for the MAT program.
    Coordinates independent study experiences for students interested  in deeper,  student-designed inquiry stemming  from  the undergraduate education courses. 

    • Curriculum Inquiry 
    • Teaching Inquiry 
    • Pedagogics
    • Clinical and Advanced Clinical Practice 
    • Field Seminar and Practicum

    Serves on and leads university committees and projects,  including: co-chairing Trinity's 150th Steering Committee; contributing to the founding the Collaborative for Teaching and Learning; developing the Class Marshal role and supporting the Class of 2012 for four years; and, serving on the Inaugural Committee for 19th President Anderson and developing as part  of that "The Great Trinity Experiment." 

    Engages with students, teachers, school leaders, and families in four San Antonio schools, our professional development schools, where we work together on teacher preparation, mentoring novice teachers, and targeted and school-wide transformation initiatives.  This  includes long-term partnerships of over 30 years with LEE High School and its two academies (STEM and Arts), Jackson Middle School,  25years with the the International School of the Americas, and most recently I helped to design and launch the Advanced Learning Academy in SAISD. 

    Led and contributes to German-American Fulbright programs at Trinity, supports Trinity's EAST and MAS programs, and serves on the IMPACT and Trinity Press editorial boards.

    Works with The School Reform Initiative, a national organization dedicated to equity and excellence in education, including serving on the national organization's founding Board of Directors and leading our center of activity in San Antonio for teachers and school leaders.