A Community of Peers

The Collaborative for Learning and Teaching is a support center on campus for Trinity faculty and teaching staff to find resources and learn more about teaching in higher education. 

We offer talks, workshops, and consultations on a wide range of topics in teaching and learning. We bring in outside speakers and pedagogy experts to support the work of our faculty. We also host events to highlight the amazing and innovative teaching happening across campus.


Technological Innovation

Get in touch for help with academic software, or to brainstorm ideas for using academic tech in your course.

Academic Tech Support


Exploration Encouraged

The Collaborative offers grant opportunities to faculty and teaching staff interested in pedagogical innovation.

Funding Opportunities


So what do we do?

  • Support the development and exchange of ideas and practices for effective teaching 
  • Engage students to share their perspectives on learning
  • Host presentations, discussions, workshops, and scholarly communication activities
  • Provide instructional and curricular support
  • Offer incentives for pedagogical experimentation and scholarship through grants
  • Work with other Trinity offices and programs to support faculty

Our Events

The Collaborative produces a diverse, regularly evolving calendar of events for faculty and staff to acquire and share information, resources, and ideas for creative and effective teaching.

  • Book Clubs

    Book clubs provide an opportunity each semester for both faculty and staff to come together and discuss a common reading.

  • Early Career Faculty Events

    The Collaborative supports early career faculty through events tailored specifically to their unique needs.

  • Pedagogy Workshop Series

    Instructional workshops hosted by Collaborative staff focused on teaching, student engagement, and academic technology.

And so many more

Trinity faculty learning in the Collaborative classroom

Our Programs

Collaborative programs are intended to provide more extensive, in-depth, and personalized support than our regular events. Many of these programs encourage a deeper level of transdisciplinary collaboration and conversation amongst faculty of differing ranks and actively solicit student perspectives as a tool for faculty development and appreciation.


Collaborative Institutes

A series of seminar-style workshops and online modules that help faculty and teaching staff explore pedagogical approaches or methods.

Develop Professionally


Learning Communities

Communities of practice where participants come together to share knowledge and experiences, seek feedback, and ask questions. ​​

Find Your People


Tigers As Partners (TaP)

One-on-one student and faculty partnerships in which students provide reflective feedback on student engagement in a faculty’s course

Get Involved

Want to know more?

Learn about even more opportunities to take advantage of the Collaborative’s programming

Grants and Funds

The Collaborative is proud to champion continual professional development for Trinity faculty in the areas of learning and teaching. Funds are currently available to support the following activities:

  • The Mellon Initiative invites you to apply for CUREs (Course-Based Undergraduate Research Experience), Humanities/Arts Lab, or Regional Research Project Development Grants.
  • Core Capacities Grants for the development of WC, OVC, and DL core capacities courses.
  • Course Redesign Grants for the development of courses that integrate innovative pedagogical practice
  • Natural Sciences Approach Grants for courses that serve in the Pathways curriculum and appeal to students outside of STEM majors.
  • QEP Course Revision Grants for courses serving the Starting Strong QEP plan.

See all grant opportunities

Services and Resources

The Collaborative provides a number of individualized services that allow faculty members, teams, programs, and departments to receive assistance related to pedagogical needs and inquiries.



One-on-one feedback on instructional design, student engagement, and more.


Teaching Observations

Informed feedback to help you reflect on your teaching practices.


Pedagogy Guides

Resources in the field of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.


Academic Technologies

Opportunities to learn about uses of technology in the classroom.


Room Reservations

Reserve Collaborative space for pedagogical events.


Want to take advantage?

Learn about even more services and resources offered virtually or in our Coates Library space.

Meet the Team


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Katherine Troyer, Ph.D.
Director Collaborative Learning & Teaching
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Donovan De Hoog
Post-Baccalaureate Fellow
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Ana Vazquez
Office Manager

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