Trinity Tomorrow, Trinity University’s strategic plan from June 1, 2013 to May 31, 2023, outlined action steps that provided the vision for a liberal arts experience in the 21st century. With the extraordinary work done over the course of a decade, Trinity: works much more collaboratively; commits fully to hands-on learning and interdisciplinary discovery; demonstrates an unwavering commitment to holistic student success; improves year-over-year in recruitment and retention efforts; and continues to improve alumni and community engagement.

Trinity Tomorrow milestones, 2013-2023

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Focusing Efforts Toward Trinity's Core Value of Intentional Inclusion

As the University began implementation of Trinity Tomorrow, teams across campus noticed an omission: While many assumed that diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging were implied throughout the plan, explicit connections to Trinity’s core value of Intentional Inclusion were left out.

Beginning in 2016, the University began reporting on new programs, policies, and practices to celebrate the rich diversity of our campus community and the experiences of all individuals. This report became an addendum to the annual strategic plan progress report produced every August.

Since then, Trinity has elevated its commitment to diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging, through strategic investments and inaugural leadership appointments. To best reflect Intentional Inclusion, the University changed its language to ensure that implicit references to the value of diversity have been replaced by explicit commitments.

  • Established in June 2020, composed of faculty and staff with participation from students and alumni
  • 29 recommendations across 7 work group areas:
    • Student Recruitment, Retention, and Student Success
    • Student Employees, Staff and Faculty Recruitment and Retention
    • Campus Climate, Culture, and Programming
    • Staff and Faculty Training, Education, and Leadership Development
    • Alumni and San Antonio Community Engagement
    • Curriculum and Pedagogy
    • Policies and Procedures
  • Juan Sepúlveda, J.D., is the first President’s Special Adviser for Inclusive Excellence
  • Leadership role tasked with the administration, management, coordination, and implementation of a goals-based strategic plan for inclusive excellence that promotes diversity and fosters inclusion for students, employees, alumni, and other stakeholders.
  • Wilson Terrell Jr. is the first AVPAA:IE
  • Responsible for advancing Trinity’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion by reducing bias, promoting professional development, making data-informed decisions, and aiding the creation of anti-racist structures among the faculty and in Trinity’s classrooms. 
  • Courtney Balderas is the first to hold this revamped position in the Student Diversity and Inclusion Office
  • The SDIO ensures the core Trinity University value of Intentional Inclusion is visible and celebrated in the academic, professional, and social development of each student.
  • Student Diversity and Inclusion Office and the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness
  • gauge the current campus climate related to diversity and inclusion for Trinity students, faculty, and staff
  • commitment to welcome, belonging, and value