• Darin George’s career spans 25 years of work in measuring and understanding gas and multiphase flows. One of his favorite interests is the variety of energy supplies that power the world, and he has often applied his flow measurement expertise to support the chemical and energy industries.

    Darin comes to Trinity from Southwest Research Institute, where his research improved industry standards for fair and equitable natural gas measurement and for the use of compressed natural gas as a vehicle fuel. Darin is a recognized expert on natural gas quality and methods of accurately collecting natural gas samples for analysis. He is glad to bring his experience in research and project management to Trinity, where he now oversees the Senior Design Program in Engineering Science.

    • Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan
    • M.S., Nuclear Engineering, Kansas State University
    • B.S., Nuclear Engineering, Kansas State University
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    • Noninvasive flow measurement methods
    • Characterization of multiphase flows in energy industry applications and the impact of phase change on application efficiency
    • Methods for sampling, analyzing, and characterizing natural gas quality
    • Senior Engineering Design
    • Professional Practice

    2016 Laurance S. Reid Award, International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement (ISHM)

    • Highest ISHM award, presented in recognition of individual contributions to measurement and / or control of hydrocarbon fluids
    • 2007 ISHM Memorial Award, International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement
    • Presented annually in recognition of dedication and commitment to authorship and instructional excellence