• Prior to joining Trinity University, he held the Rod and Hope Brim Eminent Scholar Chair in Economics, and was Director of the Pepper Institute on Aging and Public Policy at Florida State University. Earlier, he served as an assistant and associate professor of economics at Miami University.

    Economists since Adam Smith have argued that competitive forces should tend to equalize wages across similar workers in similar jobs. His research has been concentrated on examining factors that cause deviations from wage equalization. In particular, he has focused on the role of trade unions, pensions, wage discrimination, industry deregulation, and the minimum wage.

    He has written over 60 journal articles and book chapters. He is a co-author of the undergraduate textbooks Economics: Private and Public Choice and Contemporary Labor Economics. He also co-authored the book Pensions and Productivity. With Barry Hirsch, he provides union data to researchers and the public through the web site www.unionstats.com.

    Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University 

    B.S., Pennsylvania State University

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    • Principles of Microeconomics 
    • Labor Economics and Labor Relations 
    • Seminar Economics Issues 
    • Money and Banking