• Suarez’s main research field is international finance, where he studies the integration of international financial markets, such as the relationship between American depositary receipts and their corresponding underlying stocks. This research is aimed at understanding how markets around the world interact with each other in this age of globalization. Other research areas include econometrics, European studies and Latin American business practices.

    In the last seven years, Suarez has been conducting research in the nascent field of complex adaptive systems, exploring the way in which agents interact with each other and their environments to create the rich dynamics of innovation, evolution and adaptation we see in society. Suarez collaborates with computer scientists to create multi-leveled computer simulations of societies, cultural and political ideologies, trading economies and urban landscapes. The methodology developed for this research agenda is based on the description of contextualized agents that locally create the networks that give rise to institutions, law and order, efficient allocation of resources and economic development. These simulations are based on nonlinear models that would be intractable in the linear approach that had been previously used in the analysis of social systems, and allow for computational analysis and experimentation that would be impossible to achieve in the real world.

    Methodology for the Modeling of Complex Social System Using Neuro-Fuzzy and Distributed AgenciesWith B. Y. Marquez, M. C.-Puga, and J. R. Castro. Journal of Selected Areas in Software Engineering (JSSE) March, 2011 ISSN 1925-2676

    La deuda pública en España: Una mirada al caso español, según los niveles de Administración (Spain's Public Debt: The Spanish Situation Seen Through Levels of Administration) With Mario Gonzalez. Línea Perspectivas, EAE Business School, Strategic Research Center. ISSN: 1989-9580, Volume 4, April, 2010

    Fuzzy Agents With A. Rodriguez-Diaz and M. Castanon-Puga. Computational Intelligence, Vol 154, January 2009.

    Suarez is involved with Trinity students that provide help to the Battered Women´s Shelter. He is also involved in issues of immigrant´s rights and immigration reform.

    Dante enjoys Trinity´s theater and music scenes.

    He is involved with Latino Exchange and Alpha Kappa Psi, Trinity´s coed Business fraternity.

    He has been a student in classes at Trinity such as German, Chinese, Animal Behavior and Multi-Agent Systems.

    In his free time, Dante enjoys travelling, hiking, listening to music, cooking and reading. He likes to learn new languages and explore their cultures.

    • Ph.D. in Economics, Arizona State University 
    • M.S. in Economics, Arizona State University
    • M.S. in Financial Analysis, University Carlos III (Spain)
    • B.A. in Economics, U.A. Nuevo Leon
    • Financial Administration of Business Firms 
    • Haciendo Negocios en Latinoamerica (Doing Business in Latin America)
    • International Finance 
    • International Monetary Systems 
    • Seminar in Social Simulation