• Originally from Nancy, France, Lapétra Bowman, Ph.D. and her grandmother moved to the U.S. in the summer of 1985.  She subsequently attended the University of Texas at San Antonio where she completed her Bachelor’s Degree in English (1997), her Master’s Degree in English (2000), and her Doctorate in English (with a focus in comparative literature by women) (2010), all the while being the primary caregiver to her beloved grandmother for well over twenty-two years.

    As the Director for the Office of Academic Advising, Bowman oversees the advising team and is responsible for coordinating, planning, developing, integrating, facilitating, and implementing advising policies, practices, and processes with a strict adherence to a student-centered holistic and developmental advising model. Bowman is responsible for creating and maintaining a Total Intake Advising structure at Trinity, which provides academic advising for all First Year and Sophomore students through to major declaration, at which point students are re-assigned to a faculty advisor in their respective academic departments.  Additionally, she establishes and maintains close collaboration between professional advising staff, faculty advisors, and academic departments in an effort to best serve students and to provide consistency in messaging and practice as it relates to the campus’ overall vision and strategic initiatives.   In addition to being an Academic Adviser for 17 years, Bowman was lecturer for 12 years, during which time she taught undergraduate courses in English, Humanities, and Women’s Studies for more than a decade.  Courses taught include “Body Narratives in American Film,” “The Modern World,” “The Romantic Age,” “Medieval World,” “Introduction to Women’s Studies,” “Feminism and Globalization,” “Alfred Hitchcock,” and “Gender and Media."  She has also worked as a retention specialist, program coordinator, assessment coordinator, internship coordinator, and honors thesis program coordinator. She has also been involved with curriculum development, revising catalogs, and peer mentoring programs.

    When she’s not working, she enjoys traveling with her husband Todd, as well as cooking complicated but delicious French cuisine, attending theatrical or musical events, playing violin with a local orchestra, hiking throughout the Texas Hill Country, swimming, practicing yoga, meditation, and gardening. Her favorite band is The Cure (she has seen them 8 times in concert!) and she is unabashedly addicted to watching the Golden Girls.  Most recently, she has discovered The Great British Baking Show on Netflix and is hooked!


    • Provides strategic coordination, planning, budgeting, and assessment for the Office of Academic Advising and its objectives and student learning outcomes for all First Year and Sophomore students in accordance with the Council for the Advancement of Standards (CAS) in higher education, NACADA, and Trinity’s Strategic Initiatives
    • Collaborates with staff and faculty on college-wide student retention efforts and initiatives
    • Designs and facilitates training programs and Advising Workshop Series for professional advising staff and faculty advisors 
    • Serves as a resource for faculty advisors regarding academic advising issues
    • Provides supplemental advising to declared majors through proactive curricular review, including guiding students through the impact and consequences of academic decisions and strategic advising related to academic directions in relation to majors, post-graduate opportunities (what she lovingly refers to as 'conocimiento conversations')