• Tim O'Sullivan joined the Trinity faculty in 2003.

    • Ph.D., Harvard University 
    • M.A., Harvard University 
    • B.A., Princeton University
    • “Aurati laquearia caeli: Roman Floor and Ceiling Decoration and the Philosophical Pose,” in Images for Classicists, edited by Kathleen M. Coleman, pp. 67-90. Loeb Classical Monographs. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Department of the Classics, 2015. Distributed by Harvard University Press.
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    • Walking in Roman Culture (Cambridge University Press, 2011)
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    • “Human and Asinine Postures in Apuleius’ Golden Ass,” Classical Journal 112 (2016) 196-216.

    O'Sullivan's research interests include Augustan and early imperial literature, Roman cultural studies, and the art and architecture of Roman domestic space. He has published articles on the poets Statius and Virgil; on Roman wall painting; and on the Roman practice of walking for leisure. His book Walking in Roman Culture was published by Cambridge University Press in 2011.

    O'Sullivan teaches courses in Roman history and culture, Latin literature, and Greek and Latin at all levels.

    • Latin Literature 
    • Roman Culture 
    • Roman History 
    • Latin 
    • Greek

    O'Sullivan is the faculty mentor for Eta Sigma Phi, the Classics honor society. He is also the departmental representative for the Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome.

    O'Sullivan has served on the Faculty Senate, on the Faculty Development Committee, and on the Academic Standing Committee. He formerly served as the director of Humanities 1600.

    Along with Rabun Taylor (U.T. Classics), O'Sullivan maintains the Central Texas Classics Calendar, which aims to include all lectures and events related to the ancient Mediterranean in central Texas, broadly defined. Visit this Web site for more information.