•   5/19/21 Update: Vaccination Status or Intention Form 

    We have been hosting vaccination clinics on campus for the past several weeks and encourage everyone to get vaccinated as soon as possible. Our goal for the fall is to reach an 80% vaccination rate for our on-campus community. Help us track our progress by submitting your mandatory form before July 1!


Summer and Fall Planning

We ask for your patience and understanding as we work together to safely reopen campus for the fall by continuing to take precautions over the summer.

May, June and July will continue to look and feel much like Spring 2021. If the positivity rate in San Antonio and our campus remains low, and as more members of our community become vaccinated, exceptions for special events and visitors to campus will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis during the summer.

It is important to know that the degree to which we are able to “return to normal” for Fall 2021 depends entirely on two key indicators for our campus and the community at large: the vaccination rate and the positivity rate for COVID-19. However, based on current projections, we expect to return to living, learning, and working in-person on Trinity’s campus for the Fall semester.

Please note that changing positivity rates on our campus or in the community could alter these plans, and we should all remain vigilant. More details will be released on Reopening Plans in the coming weeks.

Together, we can ProtectTU.

Take Action


Vaccine Reporting Form

Help us reach our 80% community vaccination goal by submitting your status before the Fall semester!

Submit Vaccination Form


COVID-19 Policies

Several policies related to benefits, support, health, and safe behavior are active for the duration of the pandemic.

Review Interim Policies


COVID-19 Dashboard

Find the latest numbers on positive cases and total quarantined and monitor trends using the dashboard.

Check the Dashboard


Health Pledge

Everyone who steps foot on the campus this spring must first sign the ProtecTU Health Pledge.

Sign the Health Pledge


ProtecTU HealthCheck

Before coming to campus each day you must use the ProtecTU HealthCheck tool to screen yourself for symptoms.

Get Your Green Badge


COVID-19 Clinic

An auxiliary team of medical professionals is available to answer questions and provide medical support.

Participate in Testing

Campus Open Status

Trinity is closely monitoring the local situation and using this to determine the level of operations for classes, student   housing, and campus events and activities. These levels range from “normal” operations (a return to a typical semester environment) to a closed, entirely remote campus. Additional details about Decision Triggers that determine the level.

 Level 3

Level 4

Fully open.

This is a return to typical semester operations with no restrictions. Classes, events, and operations could take place without physical distancing.

   Level 3

Moderate density.

Campus and buildings are open but physical distancing and masks still required, with many classes offered online or in hybrid formats.

Level 2

Low density.

Campus is open, but with restrictions and frequent testing. Majority of classes, operations, and events conducted remotely or in a hybrid format.

Level 1

Fully closed.

A return to the status in March-May 2020: campus completely closed to all but the most essential personnel and all classes are online.

Three trinity students walking through upper campus with masks

All Together

Faculty and staff from across campus have redeveloped services and operations to better support you during this time. You can find updates specific to individual departments or offices on their websites.

Students can book reservations for the Bell Center.

We know you have questions.

Have a question that you cannot find the answer to? Submit your question by emailing us at nervecenter@trinity.edu.

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