FALL 2021

Campus Reopening

We are pleased to announce that our campus exceeded its 90 percent vaccination rate goal, but temporary precautions are still necessary.

Since August 2, we renewed our efforts at baseline and surveillance testing, contact tracing, and treatment. Our vaccination rate exceeded expectations, and our case rate on campus has been manageable. Now, San Antonio’s positivity rate has dipped below the critical threshold of five percent. 

However, San Antonio area hospitals continue to be under stress, and children under the age of 12 do not have access to vaccinations.  While we believe this surge has peaked, we do not believe we will return to a pre-Delta case rate until the end of November.

Therefore, based on current and projected public health conditions at Trinity and in San Antonio, the following adjustments to our current ProtecTU protocols are effective immediately.

If you have not submitted your mandatory vaccination status form, please do so immediately.

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Vaccine Reporting Form

Help us reach our 90% community vaccination goal by submitting your status before the Fall semester!

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ProtecTU HealthCheck

Before coming to campus each day you must use the ProtecTU HealthCheck tool to screen yourself for symptoms.

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COVID-19 Dashboard

Find the latest numbers on positive cases and total quarantined and monitor trends using the dashboard.

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Campus Open Status

Trinity is closely monitoring the local situation and using this to determine the level of operations for classes, student housing, and campus events and activities. These levels range from “normal” operations (a return to a typical semester environment) to a closed, entirely remote campus. Additional details about Decision Triggers that determine the level.

 Level 4

   Level 4

Fully open.

This is a return to nearly typical semester operations with some restrictions. Classes, events, and operations could take place without physical distancing.

Level 3

Moderate density.

Campus and buildings are open but physical distancing and masks still required, with many classes offered online or in hybrid formats.

Level 2

Low density.

Campus is open, but with restrictions and frequent testing. Majority of classes, operations, and events conducted remotely or in a hybrid format.

Level 1

Fully closed.

A return to the status in March-May 2020: campus completely closed to all but the most essential personnel and all classes are online.

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