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1869 Challenge: Going the Distance in 2021
Support students from their first steps on campus to their last steps across the commencement stage
Friday, September 10, 2021

Trinity’s annual 1869 Challenge is our chance to help bring the best and brightest students in the nation to and through Trinity University. 

For 1,869 minutes, beginning this Tuesday, September 21 at 5 p.m. CDT and ending at 11:59 p.m. CDT on Wednesday, September 22, Trinity alumni, families, faculty, staff, students, and friends will be joining together as One Trinity to support all areas of the University. 

Your gifts towards scholarships and financial aid help bring students to campus, and your support for student programs, academic departments, athletics, and necessities helps to keep them going strong! 

From student organizations and Greek Council to athletics to academics and scholarships, fuel a cause that you support to enable student excellence on and off-campus! Visit the 1869 Challenge website for a full list of challenges and opportunities to dedicate your support.

1869 Challenge
When we hit 3,000 donors, we unlock $100,000 for Trinity students. Your gift of any size makes all the difference in meeting this goal!

Give Now

Student Cause Challenge 

If 200 students make a gift during the 1869 Challenge, they unlock $1,200 from young alumni challengers to the Raymond Judd Student Emergency Fund, the “student cause” selected by student leaders. 

Academic Departments

Our faculty are the heart of the Trinity experience. To encourage giving to academic departments, President Danny Anderson is pledging a $5,000 challenge. The department that secures the most number of donors will also receive $2,500, the second will receive $1,500 and the department garnering the third most donors will receive $1,000 with the funds deposited into their department account.

Reunion Class Challenges 

Are you a part of a reunion class that ends in a “1” (71, 81, 91, 01, or 11) or a “6” (76, 86, 96, 06, or 16)? If so, help your class reach the most donors to get bragging rights and recognition during Alumni Weekend.

This year, the Classes of 1971 and 1981 have special goals: 

  • An anonymous member of the Class of 1971 is challenging the class to get 20 new donors. Once 20 new donors make a gift of ANY size, this Tiger will donate an additional $15,000 to Trinity. 
  • The Class of 1981 has a “40 for 40” Challenge: When 40 class members make a gift in honor of their 40th reunion, they unlock an additional $50,000 for Trinity students! 


When 150 individual parents/guardians make a gift to the fund of their choice, the Trinity University Parent Council will donate $16,000 to Trinity University.

Greek Life Challenge

If Greek Council secures 20 donors, Amy McGee’ 92, alumni adviser to Sigma Theta Tau, will give an additional $1,869 to the Greek Council to support the dues waiver program. Additionally, student fraternity and sorority challenges for most dollars and most donors will come with fun prizes and even the chance to earn Standards Points.

Athletics Challenge

President Anderson is pledging a $4,000 challenge for our athletics programs. The team that secures the highest dollar amount will also receive $2,500, the team that secures the most donors will receive $1,500. Plus, many varsity sports have their own team challenges—stay tuned during the 1869 Challenge to bring on the competition!

Student Organizations 

Pay close attention to how your favorite student organization is doing on our leaderboard, because the organization with the most donors receives an extra $500, the second most gets an extra $250, and third most gets an extra $100.

Trinity Choirs

When we reach 60 individual donors to Choral Programs, Chip Fournier, Gina & Paul Gaedke & Griffin Gaedke, Kelly Ranson, and Erika Zetty will donate $5,000 to the Choral Fund.


Thanks to Justin McMorrow ’93, every $1 given to the entrepreneurship program will be matched with $3, up to $15,000!

Give Now

You can make your gift early at gotu.us/challenge.

Or, be a part of the energy and excitement on the days of the Challenge, September 21-22.


Jeremiah Gerlach is the brand journalist for Trinity University Strategic Communications and Marketing.

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