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More than 40 alumni graduate from Alumni Leadership Academy
Friday, July 2, 2021
zoom call with 25 members of alumni leadership academy present

More than 40 alumni from a wide range of class years, backgrounds, and geographic locations participated in the 2021 Alumni Leadership Academy (A.L.A.) program. The A.L.A. continues to support the University by creating a cohort of leaders who can become further engaged with Trinity by facilitating networking and professional growth. This year’s program included conversations with vice presidents who shared an insider's view on Trinity University as well as faculty, staff, and alumni experts who provided training on what it takes to become an effective volunteer leader, drawing from experiences both at Trinity and in the local nonprofit community. Various training sessions were moderated and facilitated by previous A.L.A. graduates who returned to advise and connect with current Academy students. 

In addition to addressing the annual class topics such as “Individual Expectations and Understanding of (Board) Commitment,” “Board Expectations,” and “Mastering Public Speaking Skills,” a new training session on “Understanding Diversity and Inclusion” was introduced. In this installment, the co-chair of Trinity University's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Taskforce also provided an update on the final report submitted to Trinity University President Danny Anderson.

Not only did A.L.A. graduates receive tools and skills to become effective non-profit board members through conversation and training, they also received a comprehensive “digital binder” including all handouts, slides, and other course-related materials. This 131-page document is a tangible resource that can be used as a reference for future endeavors.

Academy participants’ satisfaction level as measured by Net Promoter Score reveals an excellent rating (above 70). The positive feedback received through post-class surveys from participants included comments such as:

“It's been an excellent program and I've enjoyed it very much. I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to understand more about how Trinity operates and to broaden their knowledge and expertise about board service. I really appreciate having the opportunity to attend the 2021 A.L.A.” -- Scott Webster '85 

"I found the Academy to be rich with useful information and insight into high-level leadership roles. The classes were engaging and I always learned new things. I am already using my notes from our course on serving on a board, as I was offered my very first board position during the Academy.” -- Bria Woods '16

Congratulations to all 2021 graduates!

The story's photo is of a screenshot of participants (not all are seen) from the concluding session on June 4, 2021.

Selim Sharif is the director of alumni education and engagement at Trinity University.

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