Cat sitting in grass on campus
CAT Alliance
Trinicats act as unofficial campus mascots
Friday, June 7, 2019

“Trinity Cat Alliance is a meaningful part of what constitutes the ‘Trinity  community’ for me. (Wearing maroon doesn't cut it for everyone.) It binds together staff, students, and faculty in an ongoing labor of love. We all share the same goals of providing a safe, supportive environment for a group of animals that appreciate our efforts and for whom we come to feel deep affection. For the students especially, I imagine, the relationship with an animal is a perfect counter to stress, anxiety, and homesickness.” - Nina Ekstein, professor in modern languages and literatures

The Trinity Cat Alliance (CAT) was founded in 2004 after stray cats kept appearing on campus, causing University staff to constantly turn them over to city shelters. Soon, Trinity staff adopted a method coined by Texas A&M as “Trap-Neuter-Return.” Faculty and staff began trapping the cats, having them neutered, and returning them to campus, where the Cat Alliance takes care of their needs through the rest of their days (or finds an adopter if the cat would be better suited in an indoor environment). Trinity now has more than 20 cats roaming its campus!

“We need advocates for the vulnerable, furry, four-legged animals that oftentimes don't get the love or life they deserve. Cat Alliance is that advocate, and I'm proud to be just a small part of the truly good work it does.” -- Kassie Kelly '18
Collage of five Trinicats

CAT operates independently from the University and receives no University funding. They rely entirely on donations to cover the cost of surgeries, vaccinations, and food for the cats.

LeeRoy Tiger is Trinity's lovable mascot, spreading #TigerPride wherever he goes.

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