College Consensus Ranks Trinity University in Best of Colleges 2018
Trinity ranked No. 49 among more than 300 top colleges in the nation
Friday, July 6, 2018
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College Consensus has named Trinity University No. 49 on its Top Consensus Ranked Colleges & Universities list, which serves as a tool for prospective students to see where their top choices rank among other U.S. colleges.

College Consensus ranks U.S. colleges and universities by combining data from the most respected college ranking publications with the most reliable student reviews online. Two variables are used to generate the scores by which a given institution is ranked: The Publisher Rating and the Student Review Rating. The Publisher Rating is an average of numbers determined by U.S. News & World Report, Forbes, Wallethub, and more. The Student Review Rating is derived by averaging scores from sites like Cappex, Niche, and Student Review. The College Consensus score is calculated by averaging both ratings and disregards aspects such as size, location, or classification. This score allows incoming students and parents to see which colleges experts respect and students enjoy.

Trinity’s score averaged a publisher consensus of 76.5 and a student consensus of 74.4, giving it a combined average of 75.5. This score landed Trinity among its peers as one of the best in the nation.

Trinity University is known for its challenging and supportive academic environment, personalized attention from outstanding faculty, large school resources, post-graduate preparation, and vibrant campus life. Trinity encourages students to discover, grow, and become global citizens engaged with the community and the world.

McKenna D. Parr '18 helped tell Trinity's story as an intern with the University communications team.

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