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Committing as Tigers Together
A challenging and supportive environment awaits hundreds of future Tigers

Welcome, Tigers and Tiger families! The Class of 2025 is officially taking shape, thanks in part to National College Decision Day. On Saturday, May 1, students across the nation used the milestone date to commit to a college of their choice; for hundreds of future Tigers, it was the moment they committed to Trinity University.

“Increasing academic achievements are enhanced by widely diverse perspectives and backgrounds, shoring up the potential for the Class of 2025 to be one of the strongest and most diverse yet,” says Justin Doty, Trinity’s dean of Admissions. “Future Tigers are committing to Trinity eager to learn and live in a place that is nurturing, challenging, and supportive.”

These Tigers will certainly need this support. The Class of 2025 will arrive on campus with more financial need than ever before. As students and their families continue to face critical moments of disruption and uncertainty, Trinity aims to eliminate at least one uncertainty: that of affordability. 

“No student should worry about how to finance their education at Trinity,” Doty says, “and through a combination of merit and need-based aid, our goal in this moment is to make the Trinity experience accessible to every deserving Tiger who seeks it.”

Trinity University invites you to be a part of this moment, as we join together to support the next generation of Tigers. Not only does this support come from the campus community—faculty, staff, and classmates—but from our alumni and donor community willing to give of themselves to see others succeed. 

Now is your moment to support the Class of 2025 and all Tigers, and now is our moment to guarantee access to a Trinity education.

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Jeanna Goodrich Balreira '08 is the director for content strategy for Trinity University Strategic Communications and Marketing.

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