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Support for Trinity’s 1869 Challenge creates new opportunities for Tigers each year
Friday, September 11, 2020
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Trinity’s annual 1869 Challenge turns your generosity into an instant–and lasting–impact.

Support from alumni, families, friends, students, faculty, and staff creates valuable opportunities for Trinity students through scholarships, student organizations, academics, fraternity and sorority life, music, athletics, and beyond.

See how donors make a crucial difference for students by supporting excellence and achievement at Trinity:

Art & Art History

In 2019-20, donor support helped sponsor students for field trips and lectures to museums such as the Blanton Art Museum in Austin, the McNay Museum in San Antonio, and the San Antonio Botanical Gardens. Donor support also helped fund an exciting exhibition called “Second Chances: Sterling Allen and Brad Tucker.” This exhibition was accompanied by a lecture and critiques of student work.


This past year, donor support helped the department with faculty-student projects and enabled students to present their research at regional and national conferences. Going forward, the department will continue its student-centered focus with a strong and proven curriculum and invaluable internships. 

School of Business

Donor support helps sustain and enhance the School of Business academic programs and experiential learning opportunities.

The Mellon Initiative, which promotes undergraduate research at Trinity,supports students like marketing major KaDarius Lee.

My experience with the Mellon Initiative gave me the chance to expand my comfort zone and gave me the ability to work with a diverse group of students and network with alumni and others that have had a tremendous impact on the Trinity community.

KaDarius Lee ’19

Support for the School of Business and business fraternity Delta Sigma Pi also empowers students such as business administration major Manveena Singh ’20, who learned about a Dell internship through School of Business alumni and Delta Sigma Pi.

I was excited to be given the opportunity to intern with Dell this past summer as a global operations intern. The classes I took in the School of Business really helped to prepare me to go into the internship by giving me a stronger business acumen. It aided in my understanding of how my work tied into the overall value chain of the company. My positive and successful internship experience landed me a full-time offer (with the Dell team) that I excitedly accepted!

Manveena Singh ’20

Classical Studies 

In 2019-20, donor support helped students to pursue life-changing summer opportunities. One student used scholarship support to take Latin at The University of Texas at Austin, while two other students visited Harvard’s Center for Hellenic Studies to participate in the digital humanities project “The Homer Multitext.”


In 2019-2020, many communication alumni supported the department with generous contributions.  Those funds were all directly invested in students for their travel to academic conferences, attendance at journalism seminars, entry fees for film and design contests, and participation in technology workshops. Philanthropy will help the department purchase equipment, support hands-on experiences like KRTU and TigerTV, and provide scholarships to ensure that all students receive the education they deserve to become leaders in tomorrow’s world.

Computer Science 

This past year, donor support sent seven female students to the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing Conference on Oct. 2-4 in Orlando, Florida. Grace Hopper Celebration is the world’s largest gathering of women technologists. Students who attended gained important resources to help them succeed in and further their careers.


In 2019-20, donor support helped the department visit innovative schools across the country to allow Trinity’s candidates to be on the cutting edge of education. Donors also supported faculty to attend and present their most recent research studies and provided scholarships to outstanding students.   

Engineering Science

This past year, donor support helped the department purchase equipment for the Makerspace, helped seniors with the fundamentals of engineering exam registration fee, and sponsored senior design projects that benefit the community.


Philanthropy helps support the Trinity Review, Trinity’s campus literary magazine, which not only allows students, writers, and artists, to publish their work but also provides hands-on, experiential learning opportunities for students interested in going into publishing.

Environmental Studies

This past year, donor support helped students travel to conferences and defrayed research expenses. 

Human Communication and Theatre 

Philanthropy helps the department purchase equipment, support hands-on experiences like field trips and lectures, and provide scholarships to ensure that all students receive the education they need to become leaders in tomorrow’s world.


Donor support allows the department to engage in innovative, interdisciplinary pursuits. Working together with other departments, it has developed programs in biomathematics and mathematical finance that have become important avenues for our graduates' professional development. 

Trinity has also developed a program in sports analytics that has already resulted in a number of exciting internships and job opportunities for students, and the department is already leveraging that program to other areas, notably the mathematical study of gerrymandering, a problem that will be in the next few years at the heart of any discussion of our democracy's health. Donor support helps provide students with the experiences that will prepare them for this work.


In 2019-20, donor support helped the department with funding student research and travel, the purchase of new instruments for the Wind Symphony, funding guest recitalists, lectures, and master classes, and underwriting ensemble run-out concerts to nearby cities.


Donor support helps fund initiatives such as the prison education program, which involves reading and discussing philosophical texts with incarcerated students. Philosophical discussion can create community and build bridges between people from different backgrounds. With continued generosity, the department can keep these projects going.  

Political Science

In 2019-20, donor support sent students on faculty-led study abroad courses to Berlin (Peter O’Brien, Ph.D.) and The Hague/former Yugoslavia (Rosa Aloisi, Ph.D.). The department also convened its second annual Political Science Career Day, bringing in alumni from the program to talk to current students about what one can do with a political science degree.

Donors’ continued support also provides opportunities for student research.


Last year, donor support helped the department provide travel grants to nine students to support their travel to present their research at conferences. This type of experience is invaluable for helping students meet graduate students and research mentors from institutions where they may want to attend graduate school. 

Physics and Astronomy

Last year, donor support helped the department with equipment upgrades and maintenance, student travel to conferences, and research opportunities.

Students presented their research at the American Physical Society’s March Meeting, the Meeting of the American Astronomical Society, and the Texas Section of the American Physical Society; three physics Tigers are currently abroad studying in places stretching from Australia to Scotland; and William Moore ’20 was able to snap a picture of Mercury in November using a Trinity telescope.

Sociology and Anthropology 

Donor philanthropy will help the department purchase equipment, support hands-on experiences like field trips and lectures, and provide scholarships.

Last year, donor support helped the department send six anthropology majors to a professional conference on applied anthropology where they were able to network with faculty in their field of interest.

Additionally, the department awarded the John Donahue Award for Social Justice to four students conducting internships with nonprofit organizations, including two summer internships, which included a $4,000 stipend, housing, and one free credit hour. These experiences are often life-changing for these students and in several cases, they have gone on to work for the organizations where they conducted their internships after graduation.

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Jeremiah Gerlach is the brand journalist for Trinity University Strategic Communications and Marketing.

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