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Meet the 2022 Stumberg Preliminary Field
Wide range of startups aiming for a spot in the finals

Eleven student-led startups are poised to compete for a chance to win mentorship and funding for their startup at Trinity’s Louis H. Stumberg New Venture Competition

Teams will compete in the Seed Round on Thursday, March 24 from 3:00-8:00pm for an opportunity to win one of five awards of $5,000 in seed funding for their venture. The Stumberg Finalists will also have the opportunity to participate in the Trinity Accelerator program this summer which includes on-campus housing and stipends for three student founders per team to work on their venture full time, membership to the downtown collaborative workspace Geekdom, mentoring through Trinity’s Venture Mentoring Program, and additional prizes totaling over $20,000 per team. The Stumberg Competition honors the legacy of the late San Antonio businessman and civic leader Louis H. Stumberg.

After completing the accelerator program this summer, finalists will return in fall 2022 to compete in the Stumberg New Venture Competition finals, with a $25,000 grand prize at stake. Here’s a look at Trinity’s next wave of student startups:

Baby to Go

Ivanna Bass Caldera ‘25, Anusha Sharma ‘25, and Sam Carr ‘25

Baby to Go’s “StrollerBackpack” is a stroller that converts into a backpack when the child is no longer using it. It can be used as a normal backpack or as a rolling backpack for people who can not carry too much weight.

Brainwave Analytics 

Luthary Yomaira Segura ‘25, and Angel Carrasco Jr ‘25

Brainwave Analytics aims to integrate neuroscience and education to assist schools in customizing learning environments and teaching strategies for their student body.


Shelby Atherton ‘23, Rachel Poovathoor ‘22, and Maria Zaharatos ‘22

FARO provides a detailed, project-based curriculum on essential and urgent global subjects at the elementary school level.


Amy Platter ‘22, Kincannon Wilson ‘21

Overcome provides cheap, customizable, and research-based exposure therapy in VR to treat phobias, addictions, anxiety, depression, and other mental disorders.

Pacific Debate Institute

Nelson Rose ’25

Pacific Debate Institute aims to transform middle and high school-aged students’ debate
experience through offerings that include a series of remote summer and winter camp sessions, semester-long remote debate coaching program, and a subscription to monthly evidence releases and access to a searchable database of more than 10,000 pieces of debate evidence used in competition in the United States.

Range Regenerator

Neha Kapur ‘22, AJ Bishop ‘22, and Abraham Valdez

The Range Regenerator is a physical therapy device that aims to help patients safely recover from shoulder injuries without the need for physician’s supervision.


Joey Hersh ‘24, Max Hightower ‘24, Alex Garcia ‘24, Ashwin Ramesh ‘24, and John Hawes ‘24

ReCap offers a personal finance app dedicated to promoting better spending habits and helping people save money.ReCap uses machine learning and API integration to lower in-store spending costs and track users’ finances over time.


Ellie Curran ’25, Clara Smartt ’25

The Safelet is a fun, customizable, location-tracking bracelet for children to wear. This small band provides peace of mind for parents as they venture out into public areas with their child.

Skelton Beat Band

Lucas Riley ‘23, Paul Kim ‘23, Alfonso Kamel ‘23, Gabriel Ogden ‘23 

The Skelton Beat Band is a metronome band for musicians that signals the user through vibration. Multiple users can use the beat syncing mode to practice in groups. 

Skelton Light Mounting System

Lucas Riley ‘23, Paul Kim ‘23, Alfonso Kamel ‘23, Gabriel Ogden ‘23 

Aircraft Warning Light Mounting System, a safe, cost-effective, and efficient method of replacing and maintaining aircraft warning lights for large buildings and towers. This proprietary mounting system combines a one-time manual installation with subsequent light replacement and maintenance, all performed by a drone.


Max Ulmer ‘23

Ulmer offers a hanger mover mechanism meant to improve the efficiency of hanging and displaying clothing in department stores. This modular, mechanical device offers stores a smaller, portable alternative to the assembly lines seen in larger factories.

Jeremiah Gerlach is the brand journalist for Trinity University Strategic Communications and Marketing.

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